I hate getting dressed up…

(Jane.com and threadtank.com provided me with these products to share with alwaysampersand readers)

Actually, I kind of hate getting dressed- like in general. Leggings and a sweatshirt could potentially be my outfit of choice in almost all life situations… & then, something absolutely gorgeous and amazing came into my life. It’s called the statement tee. 

Yes, I’m pretty new to the game, but ya’ll… Did you know that you can take a statement tee & dress it down OR dress it up? Are you joking me? Today, I’d like to show you my current favorite Statement tees & share with you places to get them (that don’t cost and arm & a leg- okay?)

#DogMom Tee from jane.com

This shirt basically describes my life now, right? I am a dog mom, and I want the world to know I’m a dog mom. Normally I’m drawn to black & dark colored tees because it’s slimming, but Ellie is black & I wanted to be able to see here when I take my 17 Instagram photos in the work parking lot… Jane.com is a daily deals site, with basically anything you could EVER think you needed! Most of the time these get up to 80% off, but they also only stay for 72 hours! Get your goodies when you see them!

You had me at TACOS from jane.com

This is another shirt from Jane.com. Obviously, when I saw it- it belonged. Have you met me? Have you met my taco obsession? Seriously. Thankfully, my Jane.com review is great, I have NOTHING but amazing things to say about this site. Their content may be constantly changing, but they find a way to showcase incredible products and brands. They always have new tees on the site, so you can always be ready to make a statement, or make tacos- whichever works for me!

One word = Big Statement from Etsy!

These are my favorite tees because they don’t take long to understand the meaning. Both of these were purchased on Jane.com, but these are OLD. The celfie tee is clearly a play on “selfie”, but with a french CoCo Chanel twist. The Wifey tee was purchased before I became a wifey, but ladies- engaged or married- this tee is pretty much the cutest way to flash your relationship status without flashing your ring!

The. Best. Shirts. Ever. from ThreadTank.com

ThreadTank is probably top one (not even a list) statement tee websites and there’s three reasons why I love them SO MUCH. 1. These are all in either light gray or dark gray. My favorite color is the only option? Soulmates. 2. They are not ridiculously expensive. Like, not expensive at all. 3. They’re fun. If you’re going to pay for a statement tee, might as well get one that gives a little sass, right? If you’re looking for a threadtank tee, check it out HERE.

Pimpin Joy, Doing Good from TheShopForward.com

The last tee is my new #PimpinJoy tee… Here’s the description of #PimpinJoy from The Shop Forward’s Website, “#PIMPINJOY is a movement, a celebration dedicated to people who may be going through a rough time…but they choose to find and spread joy in their daily lives. The movement started with Amy’s mom, Judy, and the positive #PIMPINJOY message she modeled so beautifully as she battled cancer.” & what they do? They donate the proceeds made on the shirt & give them to whomever they’re benefiting each launch. (Also, Amy is from The Bobby Bones show, which is the biggest country radio show…So, duh) You need one. You can find them HERE.

Dress em’ up, down, left or right. I love statement tees.

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