WARNING: VERY real post ahead

Hey guys, I’ve made it very clear that I haven’t been on top of my game lately & I think we need to have a little chat. Mainly, because I need some accountability- but also because I feel like the way I feel, is pretty real for more than just me…

I love myself. I’ve talked about it within the last couple of months and before I knew what “loving yourself” was, I talked about how life was when I didn’t know what it felt like. I understand that loving yourself is something that you have to do and act on in order to feel it, but sometimes it’s so hard. 

You see, I get complacent.

It’s almost like, in the winter- I feel “okay” with the fact that I’m getting a little puffy, then I let it happen, and once the sun comes back out- I’m not really “okay” with it anymore. I let food drive my decisions (and drive me right into the Taco Bell drive-thru), and I don’t really care if I feel fat. Except, I do.

Even when you love yourself, and accept yourself- you can still desire to make yourself healthy and better. Actually, since I love myself, I should want to be fit and healthy. I shouldn’t say “because I love myself, I can make an excuse and eat everything, lay around and not care”. It was wrong of me to put that mentality in my own head… Since putting that thought in my head, I’ve gained three pounds. No, it’s not water weight. No, it’s not being on my period. It’s being lazy, plain and simple.

I realized it a couple of days ago. I was trying to take a picture for my Instagram, and I didn’t really have a pronounced chin- no matter how I contorted my head. I noticed it the next morning on the scale too. I’ve noticed it since returning back from the cruise that my clothes just aren’t fitting right. We’ve talked about it- you get it. Then, I did a meet and greet Wednesday with DNCE. It’s definitely NOT a flattering picture, that’s for certain.

Usually, when my pictures are “good”, I brag about it on the internet. That’s not news guys, it’s just who I am. This one though, I’m posting because I need it to be my “hello girl- get your shit together please.” This isn’t cute. I’m also supposed to take “blog pictures” this weekend with Ellie & Dylan and this girl doesn’t want to because of the way her life is fitting. Ick.

On my last #getFIT post, we talked about summer goals. It’s April now, and I’ve wasted two weeks of “I want to lose weight” & now we’re in “You have eight weeks until summer- figure it out.” So, this week’s #getFIT is all about self accountability. Are you ready to start your summer on June 1st? Are your sundresses fitting the way you want them to? Do you need to get your ass in gear like me? My goal is to still lose 10 pounds by summer, and I feel like I need to to feel better. Let’s do this.

This is the start of the #getFIT 8 week journey to a HEALTHY SUMMER. For the next eight weeks, I’m documenting on my #getFIT posts my challenge. I can do this, you can do this, we can do this. 

(also, please note that we’re exactly eight weeks from June 1st- You hate to start a diet on a Friday? Me too. Desperate times call for desperate measures)

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