You’re worried about work, life, relationships, money, school, and basically a whole host of other things. You get home from a 10 hour work day, collapse on the couch and stop thinking about the world. Except for most of the time, your brain doesn’t actually shut off, and you continue to think about all the things that you should be doing. Thanks brain.

Millennials don’t really invest in themselves. The entire world thinks that millennials are all self centered assholes. Yet, after 55 hour work weeks, picking up seconds jobs, and struggling to pay rent- we don’t have time to be self centered, because it’s all about making life easier for everyone else.

Today though, we’re going to talk about very very important ways to INVEST IN YOURSELF in your twenties… Even if you don’t have time to sit down and write in a journal, start a blog or meditate- these are the things that you don’t really realize are self-investing (but they’re important)!

1. Set Standards For Your Relationships

In the next week or two, we’re going to talk about why it’s okay to be alone. So many people that I went to high school with are still single and post being lonely on Twitter. Stop. Being single does not mean you’re lonely or missing out on some crazy lifestyle that you “need to be in”. Setting a standard for your relationship, and not changing it for another person is SO IMPORTANT, and sometimes far smarter than your friends who rushed into a relationships with Craig from the bar. Keep these standards not ONLY for significant others, but for friendships as well. You deserve to surround yourself with good people who will help you grow, not with people “because they’re available”. Remember that.

2. Face Your Problems

The biggest issue I’ve had in my twenties thus far is burying my problems deep inside and pretending everything is okay. This threw me down a flight of stairs into the worst form of anxiety I could ever imagine having. If I would have tried to fix my relationship with Dylan, kept in touch with friends and fought for the jobs I wanted- I probably wouldn’t have destroyed an entire 16 month span on my life.

I’m telling you, facing your problems (whether it’s at work, in your friendships, your relationship, with your family or with your bank account) is not easy. It doesn’t show weakness though in the rest of your life, it shows care about yourself. That’s far more important!

3. Be Open To Change

This is your twenties. 20 year old you and 29 year old you are two totally different people. This is the decade where you can go through jobs, relationships, and quarter life crises and it’s okay, cause you’re in your twenties. Being open to all the things that are going to be changing, is so important to loving yourself. Once again, change is going to happen weather you’re ready for it to or not, by giving yourself the ability to GROW- you’re going to thank yourself later.

*Remember, we’re trying to invest in ourselves. This is not “easiest way to get through your twenties. This is surviving your twenties without forgetting about the most important person: you.

4. Set Goals, Stick With Them & Build

Let me just plug a previous Millennial Monday right HERE. I talked all about giving yourself the ability to set goals that you will actually achieve. Setting goals that you’re 97% to fail on (No, you will not make $100,000 this year, pay off $75,00 in school debt or lost 30 pounds in a month) does NOT help you in self investment. You have to be on your own side, because at the end of the day- you’re the only one in your corner.

5. Let Go Of The Weight On Your Shoulders

Rome wasn’t built in a day. This last piece of self investment is simple. Stop blaming yourself for the rest of the world. You constantly hold 32 project deadlines, your boyfriend’s family drama, the fact that you can’t run a mile straight and your pants are a little tight. This whole world wants you to crumble, so do not hurt yourself and feed into it.

How much does it help to constantly tear yourself down at the expense of your happiness? Answer: It doesn’t.

6. The “Other Things”

These two last things, I just want to remind you about. One is creating successful habits. Having your life together, just makes your life together. Go figure, right? I wrote all about creating habits in my Millennial Monday post, and I suggest you brush up HERE! Lastly, I want to remind you that investing in your bank account really does show self investment. I also wrote about this a month or so ago, and have some solid tips on realistically saving money in your twenties that you can read about HERE.

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