Today is the best day of my life!

Hi friends! We’re just here for a friendly neighborhood life update, mixed with a few too many complaints and my favorite songs currently to start your weekend off on the right foot. In actuality, I’m currently in the car driving to pick up Queen Eleanor, and I’m probably losing my ever-loving mind so the least you can do is humor me and read this, right?

Dylan & Jen are moderately healthy…

After two and a half weeks of the sinus cold from hell, I’m finally not feeling like a pile of sticks. That was the worst cold that I have ever experienced in my entire life. I’ve never had to leave work three times in a week, actually questioning if I was going to be able to get our of bed, and not being able to blink because my eyes hurt that bad. It took not only 16 hours of sleep in a row, cutting out all diet coke, and an antibiotic, but I also had to be put on a week of steroids. Moral of the story here: Do not do a beer bong out of a traffic cone and get black out drunk in Chicago one week after you get off of an airplane that carried your from a child infested theme park and cruise ship full of germs. Life was too much for me.

…but they’re fat!

That we are. Fat. I can’t shake the last five pounds that I need to lose, and I just have no energy to get it done. I’m paying for a gym membership that I don’t use. I am that chick. As soon as I feel like Ellie can stay home alone at night for an hour or two again, I’m back in that gym. For now, I’m going to use my two pound puppy as an excuse for not taking care of my body. Obviously Ellie wants me to also eat nachos everyday….

& they’re like, really poor now…

We’re not really that poor, but let’s just say that having an animal to buy things for is not helping our bank accounts. We’ve already bought her more than one travel crate. More than one bed. New treats every other day. We’re going to buy her the bougie food and continue to buy her every single thing that Ellen Degeneres supplies at Petsmart. So. There’s that. I only have to start paying back school loans in two months, it’s fine, I’m not drowning in bills or anything…

They also have like, four thousand things to do.

No, but really. Life is so busy lately. We have about six concerts in April, and two of them the first week Ellie’s home. Did we ever mention dogs aren’t allowed in our apartment? Too late now, right? So I’ve been finding babysitters. BABYSITTERS FOR A DOG. Ya’ll, I’m cracked.

Dylan has to try to win a hockey trophy tomorrow in broom ball, We have Green Day on Monday, DNCE on Wednesday, Machine Gun Kelly and The Chainsmokers at the end of the month- ya’ll it’s just busy.

Can we point out Jen’s mail?

I’ve been getting so much blogger mail lately, it’s so fun to have presents when you check the mail box or the boxes outside of your house. I’m waiting on a couple more packages and then there’s so many things that I want to share with you all. So many cute clothes, subscription boxes, etc. Blogger mode- totally engaged.

Last, but not least- Jen’s music taste lately…

Here’s my top five songs lately. Please put them into your phone, playlist, life, etc.

5. Perfect- Ed Sheeran
4. Everyday- Ariana Grande
3. Swalla- Jason Derulo
2. How Far I’ll Go- Moana Soundtrack. I’m not kidding guys. I’m obsessed.
1. Stay- Zedd & Alessia Cara

Honorable mentions: Party and Privacy – Chris Brown, Something Just Like This- The Chainsmokers…

Have a great weekend ya’ll & get ready for the pictures!

Ellie comes home today!

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