Do Not Get Married In America.

Well, technically do get married “in America”, so it’s legal- but wed somewhere else. Our wedding could not have been more perfect, from the day before boarding the cruise all the way through the honeymoon, this was everything to us. Today, because I’m a cheeky bratty chick- I’m going to give you Ten reasons why you should have a wedding JUST LIKE Dylan & I. 

1. All-Inclusive Means, You Don’t Pay During Vaca

The best part about the all-inclusive feeling of the cruise, was that we were not stressing about money while we ate and drank. Thinking about having a wedding where you pay $45/plate for each person invited, at a “normal sized” 200 person wedding- comes out to about $9,000 in food. Nine thousand dollars in food. Dylan and I paid less than that for our entire wedding, cruise, honeymoon, wedding dress and his outfit combined. For $400.00 we ate and drank our way around the Atlantic Ocean. Score.

2. Your Cousin’s Second-Aunt’s Hamster is NOT Invited.

It’s hard to plan a wedding living away from our families. (Like, we’ve lived at least 3.5 hours away SINCE we got engaged. Hard) Having a traditional wedding, where we would have to be concerned with “missing someone” who we haven’t talked to for 10 years just wasn’t our jam. Does that sound bratty? good. Someone has to say it. Everyone stresses out about a guest list- which is so silly. This is your big day, and you’re worried that your Great Aunt Bertha won’t attend? Nope. To the ocean we went!

3. Wedding Loan? What’s That?

Here’s some real life numbers for you… Our wedding loan was $6,000. We took it out in August, and didn’t even use the entire thing to book the cruise AND HONEYMOON. We were actually a bit short of that number. Upon out marriage in January, my parents gave us a substantial gift to help with the loan (thank you mom & dad), but we still worked really hard to pay off the rest of it by the wedding, and we did. We will never have to regret taking out or struggling to pay off a $15,000 loan (or more!).

4. Honeymoon + Vacation + Wedding = FUN.

Think about it this way. A normal wedding is about 12 hours long in total. Our wedding was 5 days long, with a 10 minute ceremony. We all got dressed up for about 2 hours, traveled to our destination and then immediately got back on the boat and continued to drink in sweatpants. It was five days of fun- no drama. Like, you can not beat this. I’ll pass on the stress of taking 100s of pictures in a dress that I feel fat in. Yo, I knew I was hefty in my wedding dress, good- that means the vacation was going exactly as planned. 

5. All-Inclusive Means, All The Ice Cream You Can Eat.

This is for Chelsie. & only for Chelsie. This really doesn’t have to even be a number on the list, but in reality it so does. We had a group of 20 on the ship. (That’s insane to me) Between the 20 of us, we ate over 300 ice cream cones. Three hundred ice cream cones. Okay, 300 might be a little high. But I know for certain that between Chelsie, Titus, Jason & I ate 120 alone, and we had 16 other people. Ice Cream goes with every meal, every drink and everything you could ever need in life. Worth the 15 pound gain, holler!

6. Stress Free, Literally.

My “wedding planning” was: Do you want bouquet A or B, cake A or B and what time would you like to get married? That was it. 

7. The Ocean Is The Decor…

The most beautiful weddings that I have ever seen did not have much decor. They were simple, and understated the elegance of their wedding with very little “bling”. I know that Chelsie is doing something along those lines, and I know her wedding will be beautiful. I’m a simple person, and having my decor be an ocean could not have been better…

8. Palm Trees Are Also The Decor.

I mean can we just mention that the decor was also palm trees? Those don’t exist in the midwest so… Yes.

9. Your Best Friends, Family, and Alcohol (ON A BOAT)

I’m going to throw it straight at you. If you’re looking into a destination wedding, I suggest 150% looking into doing it on a cruise. Resort weddings are generally expensive, unless you have a large group of people. A cruise + a wedding was less than $2,000 total. Our wedding was $1,000. Look at the picture above. One. Thousand. Dollars- for that. Seriously. We had a group of people surrounding us that we loved, who wanted to share the day with us, who also got to have a vacation. 

We all know this wasn’t cheap. Our guests all paid about $1,000 each to join us. But in this, they all got to go on vacation and spend time with their family, friends, etc and get away from America for a while.

It may be spendy, and it may be far away from extended family, but at the end of the day, it was incredible for everyone!

10. You Save Money, End Game- Seriously.

The bottom line here, is for the amount of stuff we got, we paid basically nothing. We got a honeymoon, vacation, wedding and cruise (all inclusive) for less than $6k.

If you have any questions about destination weddings, ask me. I would recommend this FOREVER.

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