Back in the saddle ya’ll.

On Fridays, I’m supposed to post a blog about my fitness journey. In my head it’s called “#getFIT Fridays”, but the gym & I haven’t really been friends, so the last two weeks have been kindaaaaa lame…

Here’s last week’s fitness journey:

“I worked out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I befriended the Elliptical. My bootaaay hurts. I lost four pounds, and yes- I understand it’s water weight. My wedding rings fit again though, so high five! The gym is less busy than the last time I went, which means that like me- most people have started skipping the gym. I’m sure most have given up on their resolutions… Now I’m leaving for Chicago, where there’s going to be a plethora of GREEN BEER. This will take me further from my goal, but you know what, yolo right? Cheers!”

Here’s this week’s fitness journey:

“I didn’t go to the gym. I cut back though on all those extra calroies. All I can think about is my Ellie & taking her for walks. Thinking about walking is kind of like exercising- right? I lost six pounds though- so something is going right…”

Twelve Pounds Marco Polo’d My Life…

I just want to re-iterate  from my #getFIT 25 that I wasn’t mad about gaining that weight. I just didn’t really think about the fact that to get “back” to where I was, I’d have to put forth some effort. I still love myself, and being twelve pounds skinnier wouldn’t make me love myself more, I just know that I’m more comfortable in my clothes at that previous weight. Especially my tight jeans. I currently pull them down and take 1:48 seconds (timed) to get them back up. They’re tight. 

To be honest, I think that 12 pounds was more like 15- on the first few days back… It wasn’t pretty, but I kept thinking “these pounds will fall off, so we don’t want to count them”. Which is true, but I should really count the fact that I’ve made progress! I’ve been home for 17 days, and lost 10/15 pounds. If I lost 5 more, I’d be back to my “pre-vacation” weight. If I lost 30 more, I’d be at my smallest weight ever. 😉 That girl though- she was 100% skinny fat, and had no booty. Bye. Felicia.

Let’s Goal Set Here-

I want everyone reading this to set a “1/4 of 2017 is over, what am I doing with my life?” goal. Let’s find something to accomplish by June 1st, 2017. Comment down below what your fitness goal is for the next two and a half months, as we get half way through the year. Summer will be starting, life will be sunny days and butterflies, so How do you want to look? 

MY GOAL: I want to lose ten pounds by June 1st. That will put my at my smallest weight since moving out of Minnesota. I’ve been close twice in the past two years, but never made it. I am going to make it this time!

Let’s one more time wrap this around our pretty little minds. I am fine with how I currently look. That doesn’t mean I can’t work hard to look better. Reaching this goal is just a goal. It is not a definition on who I am as a person. I have beat that monster who lived inside of me, and he’s not going to win a spot back in my life. I love myself and accomplished or not- I’m still a hot piece of booty. Now that we’re clear: So are you. Set goals, but don’t let them define you. Ready?

Let’s kick some booty- together!

But let’s start tomorrow- cause it’s all about the Green Beer and Irish Dancing tonight!

2 thoughts on “#getFIT – 26”

  1. Great post! I think everyone sets really good goals in the beginning of the year, then they forget about them and that’s the end of that. It’s imperitive to update our goals as we go through life!

    So, my goal for 2017 is to get back down to 140lbs. I was about 16lbs away before the holidays, but by now I’m about 24lbs away. No biggie, though! Set backs happen and I am back on wagon now!

    So my goal is to loose 10lbs by June 1st – just like you! My family is possibly taking a trip to SoCal at the end of August and I want to feel more comfortable in a bikini on that trip. 🙂

    So what kinds of workouts are you doing? I’ve been running and incorporating more of a kickboxing or crossfit style workout to build muscle.

    1. I do a lot of leg machines. I’m just more comfortable on machines. and then about 15 minutes of cardio (because I get so bored!) So it ends of being like an hour!

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