Today, isn’t a normal Millennial Monday. I don’t have a list to give you about what cool, awesome, totally high & mighty tips I think you should use to “change your life”. Try back next week for that. Actually, the reason I’m posting this on a Millennial Monday is because we’ve gotten our tax money back, we want to “better ourselves” and we’re all going to have one, two, or three splurges. I’m here for that.

Let’s call this: Millennial Mall Monday…?

I’m simply going to be super honest here. I’m a part of affiliate marketing. That means that some of the things below, upon your purchase will result in my credit with the company. Nothing fancy with that, I just wanted you to know. Let’s get started…

Five things you need in your life: Spring 2017

1. FabFitFun

I know you’ve heard of FabFitFun. Don’t lie. Ya’ll, this is a box of presents to yourself quarterly. “So what? I could buy myself my own things” Sure you could, but could you get FULL SIZE, premium products, free shipping, four times a year? Could you get $225 worth of products for only $49.99? No. And did you miss the free shipping part? You don’t pay $49.99 PLUS an arm and a leg. That’s less than two weeks of Starbucks, and you get wellness, beauty, lifestyle in a pretty ass box cause you’re an independent woman. Go HERE now.

2. Woodgrain Watches

One day, I stumbled upon woodgrain_watches on Instagram. Literally, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them, because these aren’t your typical watch. First, this is a real company, with real people. Taylor hand wrote me a note when she sent the watches to me. What? Not just a note, it was like a full page letter in blue marker. It didn’t look like something she sent off just for the hell of it, printed for everyone, nope, it was personal. Second, they’re wooden. That is not normal, right? You take your aesthetic game and turn it up 15 notches. It does actually tell time, even though your probably just wearing it as a bracelet… Lastly, they’re affordable. Something new, something cute, and something affordable. Shocker. See all the styles & purchase HERE



You know when you see that really pretty girl at Starbucks with her hair in the perfect messy bun & she basically glides through the store? She’s got that “flawless” or “pretty” or “wifey” graphic tee on that’s basically just further proving she’s perfect? She probably bought it from ILY Corture. This place is drugs. You put one thing in your cart, then the second, and then you spiral allllll the way down the rabbit hole. I need to calm down. Luckily, clicking the link below gets you 15% off your first order. No. Brainer. You’re getting a discount to look like the girl at Starbucks. (A perfect messy bun not included)
Ily Couture – Take 15% off your 1st order

4. Lulus

Lulus has bridesmaids dresses. Valentine’s Day dresses. Birthday dresses. Damn, they even have prom dresses. Club dresses. Dresses for Saturday nights. Dresses for Sunday mornings. Cruise dresses. Little Black Dresses. Big Black Dresses. They’ve got dresses. (Side note, they also have real clothes, but it’ll be warm soon- so let’s focus on the dresses) Also, if you shop with the code below you’re getting a good ass deal. And trust me, new year, new you, you need new dresses.
Shop Lulus and enjoy $15 off + Free Shipping on US orders over $150 – Use promo code ‘take15 at checkout. Click here!

5. Jade Taylor Market

Can we just have a second? First, Jade is from Minnesota. She’s a homegrown honey after my own heart. Second, she is beyond. This woman has built a business off of the rush of making gift boxes for her bridesmaids. You’ve seen the goodies in my cruise recap blog, and she outfitted our “on the ship” Bachelorette party to help my girls and I feel more special on my big day. She’s launched a growing small business and I want every one of you to keep these beautiful boxes in mind for the brides you know, the bridesmaids you need to ask, or just simply to pamper the heck out of yourself.
See her site and start shopping HERE.

So there you have it.

While all of these things are some way or another tied to me (either by affiliate marketing or not), they are all things that I personally back. I am not leading you astray, I do indeed find amazing things on all of these sites.

Get shopping millennials…

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