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Our honeymoon could not have been more perfect. Let’s just start there.

Dylan & I are not “lay on the beach and sit in silence” people. We’re also not “climb mountains and go skydiving” people. We are literally “go to Disney World and pretend you’re seven years old” people. So we did. 

Disney World

Literally, the happiest place on earth. Dylan and I were still drunk (or dying) when we got to our hotel (Port Orleans- Riverside, Highly recommend), and everyone had sunshine falling out of their butts! Quickly we had to shed our sea legs & put on our happy ears, so we did. And thank goodness, because once we put those Mickey ears on, it was like we were in another world.

Disney World really is another world. Everyone is happy, even if it’s just to our faces. I want to live in a world where Disney World is the only world.

Overall, Florida was a great experience. Harry Potter World was worth the hundred dollar ticket into the park. 100%. The parks at Disney were all special (except we hate Star Wars, so Hollywood Studios was lame). Instead of going through everything we did and saw, I figured I’ll let you know three things that we realized/learned that we think everyone should know about! (Side note, FastPass is free. Make sure you have the Disney App and utilize it. People said “FastPass” to us for months, but all forgot to mention that they are FREE, and you get to skip lines for rides and such, so here I am to tell you)

1. Visit Disney Springs At Night

Disney Springs is a mall that is part of the Disney World land. It’s got a bunch of high end shops, cool restaurants, Cirque Du Soleil, House of Blues Orlando, etc. We ate Wetzel’s Pretzels, some BOMB Poutine, Blaze Pizza, and started our Disney trip at Planet Hollywood. There’s a HUGE Disney store there, a lot of fun things to see, a Lego store that’s also crazy, and a Sprinkles Cupcake (Dylan’s favorite). We highly suggest going here because it’s open later than Disney World’s parks & the buses ran back and forth until 2:00 am! Speaking of the buses…

2. Take Advantage Of The Bus

Disney’s got the BEST transportation system. The bus runs constantly to your resort, all of the parks, Disney Springs, and it goes over and over. You rarely have to wait for more than 15 minutes for a bus, and you can pop from park to park for FREE in less than half an hour. It’s slick, and you don’t pay for it. Seriously, skip the Uber in this case and if you’re staying in a Disney resort there’s NO reason to pay for a car. We loved it.

3. The Food Is Worth The Money

The first day in the parks, we ate at Epcot & saw that chicken nuggets and fries were $9.00. Being as cheap as we are, we weren’t happy with the prices- until we ate. The food is surprisingly great quality (which, why were we surprised? Everything at Disney was good quality), and it all went so quick. We didn’t take advantage of the dining plan, because we didn’t know about it- but many restaurants at the parks were part of the plan too (which meant people could just scan their band & eat!) It was good food.

3 1/2. Don’t Miss Out On Harry Potter World.

Seriously. I said it above and I will say it again. If you are a fan of the movies, books, characters- you need to visit. It’s incredible how “to scale” and well made everything is. Down to the locations of the shops in Diagon Alley. There is a ride inside of Hogwarts (which was kinda scary, and I’m lame & a baby) but as you are in line for the ride- you walk through the school. You meet Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermionie, and a bunch of talking pictures on the walls. Incredible. Amazed. So worth it.

The biggest lessons we learned? There’s lizards everywhere & we don’t want kids right now. I loved the lizards. They were little and cute! Dylan ran away from them, and also had a panic attack when they were by our windows at night. (They were for real life cute) But, more importantly- birth control. Seeing the kids who were screaming about ice cream, crying cause they were tired, punching my butt when I was in the way, and just existing in mass quantities makes you go a little nuts. Men, if your lady is having “baby fever” go ahead and throw her on a Disney bus, after the marathon, when it takes three hours to get to the park… Lots of crying, no desire to procreate.

Overall, best honeymoon ever to end the best vacation ever, with the best husband ever.

(Is it time for another vacation yet?)

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