My cruise recap is coming tomorrow, but I want to leave a company review today. I’ve always been into supporting small businesses. While multi-level marketing hasn’t always been my jam, personally, I’ve always given the benefit to a family trying to make ends meet. Then I met Jade on Facebook.

She didn’t have a scheme, didn’t send me any weird vibes, she just wants to make women feel supported and special by outfitting them with special bridal boxes. She’s really really cool, guys. 

JADE TAYLOR MARKET saved my Bachelorette Party.

Next week, on Millennial Monday- she will be featured in a round-up of companies that I’ve really loved lately, but I wanted to sneak peek you all on my Bachelorette party!

First things first, my Bachelorette party was a drunken stupor in a cruise ship club, where my husband ended up invited with a bunch of other guys- but they didn’t look cute doing it, because they didn’t have “the goods”.

Literally. “The goods”. Jade Taylor Market sent us with the cutest straws, stir sticks, and cups to celebrate the night. Also… THOSE FLOATY FLAMINGO DRINK HOLDERS. What?! How flipping cute are those?

We also had tattoos so everyone on the ship knew who was in our Bride Tribe. I like to label my ladies, no confusion. And the next morning? Hangover kits were there to wake us up so that we can survive the next day on the ship. Complete with Vitamin C, mints, cough drops, and Advil. There was no excuse to lay in bed, Jade Taylor Market hooked us up!

Also, our Flamingo babies got to come with us to the pool & hot tub the next day (but weren’t allowed to leave the boat… boooo.)

Thank you so much Jade Taylor Market (Jade, specifically) for helping my girls and I feel so special! Please, everyone go check out her super amazing bridal and bridal party gifts HERE. Along with that, please support her on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks Chelsie, for letting me take a few pictures of you while we all chugged down the champagne! <3

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