It’s almost vacation time ya’ll.

For the past five weeks I’ve been doing a workout that makes my heart beat very hard, makes me sweat a ridiculous amount and makes my question my sanity for listening to Anthony. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to lay out a little bit of what Tony had me doing, but not really. 

Here’s a workout for you to workout, except not.

I’m not going to list the specific machines I used, for two reasons. First, because it is not my workout. I don’t even know if it’s Tony’s workout. I don’t want to take a copyrighted workout and share it, then get thrown into workout jail. Second, in order to specify the machines used, I would need to supplement with pictures. “Why aren’t you doing that Jen?” Well, cause the law says no. So instead, I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to really kick your own ass in the gym- and how to diet effectively.

Okay, lie.

I’m not ever going to tell you how to diet. Lets just start there. Tony and Nick do keto (not really Nick though- cause he doesn’t follow rules). A couple of my friends only eat clean, especially when preparing for something in life. My best friend and I once tried a juice diet. It lasted two hours. Some people count calories, etc etc etc. I don’t want to tell you that by following a certain diet and workout plan, you’ll lose weight. I can’t make those claims.

I wanted to talk about this in a blog, because a lot of the time we rely on each other for “the key” to working out, when no one holds that key. I’ve had at least ten people that I graduated with reach out and ask me about “how to count macros”, “what diets should I do”, “can you give me a workout”, and while I love helping- sometimes I just can’t. 

In fact, I was never going to share my workouts with you. Not because I don’t like them, don’t have faith in them, or don’t think you could be successful but rather, because I don’t know your body.

So much of the fitness industry tells you “this is it”.

The fitness industry doesn’t get to sit down with you when you eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream, but log it in your food diary as “just a cup”. I don’t get to see you starving yourself for 2/3 of the day. I don’t see how much of an affect running on the treadmill does. Jillian Michaels, Jen Salisbury, The P90x guy, or the skinny tea girls can not control your fitness journey. 

This life is trial and error. And error, and error, and error. I’m sorry if this was the most lackluster post in the history of my #getFIT posts, but it’s a realization that all people need to make. YOU live in your body. Not one fitness guru, Youtube star, self proclaimed “creator of the perfect diet” or plain old high school friend that lost 100 pounds can tell you.

Ask me, please. Always ask me the way my journey went. Seriously, never stop asking me for my opinions. But please remember, at the end of the day, no matter who you take ideas from- it was on THEIR BODY. You body might work, and a lot of the time it might not.

Do not give up on yourself. You. Will. Succeed.

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  1. I LOVE this! Such an important message! A lot of people have the misconception that a healthy lifestyle is a one size fits all type of thing, and forget that all of our bodies work differently.

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