Never admit that your parents DO know best…

Or at least, that’s what we’ve been living under for the past ten years. If they’re older than us, than their opinion on our lives shouldn’t matter, and that we should be bullheaded and continue to push through life with blinders on. Well, that’s the way all my peers act, I guess. Not so much me, as I’m the total opposite.

I’ve always been incredibly respectful and attentive of those older than me. It’s how I was raised, and it’s how I live. Since most of you won’t listen to those older when they speak to you, I’m going to speak at you. I put out a invitation on Facebook for parents, adults, or anyone surviving their twenties on how. I asked a simple question, “what’s one thing you wish you knew in your twenties that you know now?” 

Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW about surviving your twenties, as told by our parents, peers and elders.


  1. “Save for retirement early.”
  2. “Definitely to start saving for retirement! I don’t care how broke you are find a way to put away something- anything- for retirement and leave it there.”
  3. “Pay yourself first. Always contribute to retirement funds, no matter how little you can contribute.”
  4. “Honestly, Its okay to have a older PAID OFF car. When I was younger I wanted a shiny nice newer looking car, you know image is everything! Ha wrong. Not having that bill or the higher insurance rate to go with it”
  5. “Credit card debt is the worst kind of debt. It snowballs easily.”

Relationships / Friendships

  1. “And the other thing would be – don’t neglect the relationships with your friends. Romantic relationships can be all consuming, but you will always need your friends. Make time for them.”
  2. “I got this advice from a few people but I didn’t really listen to it or take it. Don’t be in a rush to move into a relationship with someone. I got engaged way too fast a few times and ended up getting hurt and cheated on every time.”
  3. “Don’t marry stupid.”

Being True To YOU

  1. “Don’t worry about what others think of your choices. You’re the only one who has to be happy with your life. Live with your heart.”
  2. “To stay true to myself and my beliefs.”
  3. “Don’t play the keep up with the Jones game… Just do your thing… I always worried what people might think…”
  4. “Two things. One would be to appreciate every single day, because every day is a gift. The second thing would be to be yourself. Don’t spend any time worrying about what other people think.”
  5. “Don’t live with regret.”

What’s Actually Okay

  1. “Take the vacation. Make memories”
  2. “You’re going to make mistakes – financially, socially, and professionally. The best thing you can do is forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. What happens in your twenties will not define you for the rest of your life unless you let it.”
  3. “That you’re not supposed to have it figured out yet. Have more fun, worry less, and don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll know when it’s right, and when it is go all in, give it everything you have.”
  4. “Also never do anything for someone expecting something in return.”

Wisdom From Those In Their Twenties

  1. “That there is always room for change. No situation is permanent. If you want to leave, leave. If you want to stay, stay. Even if it’s hard, it’s not impossible. Life only changes when you attempt to change it. Be brave.”
  2. “If something bothers/pisses you off, wait 24 hours. If your still bothered or pissed. Do/say something. If not then don’t worry about it and move on.”
  3. “I wish I would’ve known to choose happiness. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be what others expect you to be or following some type of status quo. Ultimately, I’ve found, in the end its YOUR life and no one else’s. Do what makes you happy. Will it be hard? Absolutely. But life is way too short to not experience it for yourself. I hope that makes sense!”

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