Goals are hard. Actually, the whole topic of goals turns off a whole bunch of us in our mid-twenties… Why? Because we don’t want to do something that we could fail at. It’s true. You don’t want to say you’ll lose 30 pounds this year, because when you don’t- you’re a failure. I’m going to help though, cause I’ve got 5 things to do to actuallytotally, probably could help you reach your goals.

1. Utilize Accountability

This is a very important step to reaching your goals. I’ve used it the entire 100-pound weight loss, the whole way through school, while trying to pay off debt & save money, all of it. Find someone, or someones who would be willing to help keep you accountable. If you want to pay off credit card debt, find a friend who will say “no” to getting drinks every night. If you want to lose weight, find someone to workout with you.

Having someone else to rely on is a huge step to success. Not only will they help to keep you in line, but you won’t feel alone. I’ve been super thankful to have Dylan at the gym with me every night. I’ve also been there for him while he’s been trying to pay off debt. Find someone you trust and utilize them!

2. Set Realistic Timelines

While you want to have your entire year filled with goal setting and achieving, it’s just not realistic. Instead, split your year into quarters, and focus on each goal separately. An entire year of goals may seem difficult, because it’s twelve months of constant struggle. Taking each goal and trying to accomplish it for only THREE MONTHS, is so much easier! Along with that, set deadlines for your goals. Every three months assess your goals and measure your progress.

3. One. Goal. At. A. Time.

Now that I’m basically telling you to set goals for yourself, you’re sitting there with 74 different ideas on things that you want to accomplish this year. Don’t. If you’re adamant on reaching multiple goals, then split your goals into like groups and choose one from each group. One money goal, one fitness goal, one career goal, and one lifestyle goal. Focus on realistic and successful goals, one at a time.

4. Focus On The Little Things

So, you want to lose 40 pounds in the year, that you’ve split down to 10 each quarter, and you’re struggling to get over the hump. Each day, find something successful in the goals you’re trying to reach. Did you make it to the gym? Did you eat healthy? Well, then that’s enough to celebrate. Remember, goals are a destination. You have to make the journey, every single day.


When you reach your goals, give yourself something to celebrate your success. Think of it this way; You constantly beat yourself down when you dont achieve your goals. You throw away all of your progress if you haven’t completed what you intended to. So, what do you do when you actually do hit those marks? You celebrate! Lose 30 pounds? Eat cake. Get a 4.0 this semester? Eat cake. Pay off a credit card? Eat cake. Give yourself any excuse to eat cake, and those goals will be reached.

Setting goals seems like a daunting task, and who wants to do things that take real work? One at a time, slow and steady wins the race, believe in yourself, and whatever other cliches you need to kick some ass… Kill it.


5 thoughts on “Millennial Mondays: Realistic Goals”

  1. I’ve been setting more goals lately. It’s hard to figure out the middle ground between what you want to accomplish and what is realistic. I’ve started a daily goal journal and have to realize that based off of schedule, commitments, and honestly, day of the week, sometimes what is realistic is less than what you hope to achieve. It’s a work in progress, but your tips are helpful!!

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