I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time, I was suffering, drowning, and lost. I didn’t feel like I had a grasp on the world around me and I was struggling for control. That’s where alwaysampersand began. I slowly found release in talking about my world, my imperfections, relationships, fitness and how hard it is to be in your twenties. I found myself relating to people, creating a community of millennials who felt the same way and feeling like I belonged to an actual friendship. This is not to say I didn’t have friends, but after moving seven hours away from my family and friends, I was just a little lost.

Do YOU want to run a blog?

So, blogging. As you know, I spent the first year and a half paying for just a domain and thinking that blog growth was going to come. It didn’t. Upon the start of 2017, I realized that in order to reach out to a community that was beyond my high school friends and my mom, I needed to work for it. But I was lost, confused, and didn’t know where to start. Luckily though, I’ve found a small group of people who want to help you grow, and this is what I learned.

  1. You need to own your blog. You should focus on a domain and a website host to get you by.
  2. If you don’t own your blog, you won’t be seen. You won’t make money if someone else gets paid for advertising (and it’s so much easier than you’d think it to be). If you’re owned by someone else, you also get Google buried. (Hello, annoying) Having my own focus and domain gets me ON Google and able to make MONEY? Yes.
  3. You can own your blog and get your domain in one place, it can take you seventy four seconds and a week’s worth of coffee in pricing, and you’re able to start!

That place, is Siteground.

$4.00 a month, full control over your blog, and potential to make real money? No brainer, right?

As you can see, there’s multiple options. So I mean, if you’ve been thinking about starting a gaming site, online store, or something that is going to become your primary income, the $3.95 option might not be your game… Everyone’s different, and Siteground will literally help you through it.

Also, (unlike me) you can get a domain for FREE. Hello, poor college kids, FREE. So you’re paying $4.00 a month to host your site, then you’re getting a free domain? Ridiculous. This is less than HALF of what I paid for alwaysampersand. Seriously, it’s so simple to set up, throw your check card in, and then own a real home business.

They also add a bunch of extras on, that can make your blog easier, but they’re not necessary. Let me tell you something though, you’re literally in charge of your webpage. No, you don’t need to know coding. Yes, you do get full creative control over a website. Also, the best part about Siteground? They pretty much can help you do anything. They give you free email addresses to attach to your site, and they are patient. So when you’re lost and crying and want to jump of a blog cliff, they’ll save you.

Literally, no brainer.

Listen, if you’re like me, in your mid-twenties, struggling to get by and looking for some way to make your mark- you should blog. Seriously. This is your chance to make a little bit of extra money, release those inner demons onto the world and survive your mid twenties… Click the link below & you’re on your way:

Web Hosting

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