This is not a post to tell you that you need to buy inset planner here or that you need to sit down for 45 minutes each day and meditate to find your center. Those things don’t work for everyone, who has the time for that? I do though, have Seven Super Easy, Super Simple Ways To Get Organized. 

These organizational tips & tools are not intended to make you feel overwhelmed with the fact that you have laundry on your floor from 2015, or make you want to jump off a cliff because no one’s interested in re-purposing cereal boxes to keep magazines, or whatever Pinterest is telling you to do this week… Instead, these are real life tips to make your life easier, simpler, and all around more organized.

7. The Dishes Don’t Do Themselves

This is probably one of the most annoying things that I’m going to tell you. You will never feel organized in a messy home. Whether it’s your bedroom at your parents house, your first apartment, or your first home, leaving things around will always make your life feel “cluttered”. Give yourself an extra thirty seconds to put the dishes in the dishwasher, replace the toilet paper roll, or throw your socks in the hamper. This is the easiest thing to make your home feel organized, even if the closets are filled with skeletons. 

6. The File Cabinet, Bin, Binder, Folder, Etc.

This is probably one of the most important things. We’re in our twenties now, and you need to have “The Binder”. I have a accordion folder of basically everything that could possibly be important, put away in the closet, and easily accessible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you need the oil change receipt, or your laptop proof of purchase, you do. Guarantee, the one receipt or form you throw away, is the one you’ll need.

5. Your Life, Except On Schedule, Cause You’re A Grown Up

I’m not going to tell you to own a planner. I’m not going to tell you to make 600 lists. I am going to tell you to keep track of the plans you make. When you tell Alyssa that you’re going to day drink with her, and also schedule an interview, you’re either going to piss off a potential employer or your alcoholic best friend… You need to utilize that free calendar on your iPhone 7 and get your shit together.

4. Meal Planning

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ll tell you this- I never felt so organized and accomplished in my entire life, as I did when I was meal planning. Your entire week’s meals (or lunches), are all set out of you. All you have to do is set aside some time at the end of your weekend to lay everything out, put it all together, and ba-da-bing ba-da-boom – You don’t need to cook for FIVE DAYS. EASY.

3. The Purge Part 1- The Backwards Hangers

Right now, listen to me. You have too many items of clothing. Your bedroom floor, wallet, and laundry basket are all crying. You also wear the same four things, but thank God you have those 17 Fashion Nova club dresses, right? Wrong. Turn all of the hangers in your bedroom closet backwards. Every time you take an item out of the closet, turn that hanger around. After three months, whichever hangers are still backwards are GONE. Some things, like Christmas sweaters and fancy dresses, only get worn so often, so those can stay… Those old green t-shirts, ill-fitting sundresses, and too small shorts have GOT TO GO. (Bring them to Goodwill!)

2. The Purge Part 2 – Digital Purge

Once a month, for the love of God, skim your e-mail inbox and get rid of those emails. You’re approaching your mid-twenties, and while 90% of the emails are expired online coupons, someday the content will be important. Get into the habit now of checking on your emails and getting rid of ones that you don’t need. Also, delete old DMs, Facebook messages, etc that are no longer serving your life. The journey to a more organized you.

1. The Purge Part 3 – Belongings Purge

Lastly…. Most importantly… And realistically, the hardest purge is going to be the box under your bed… Or the box in your closet. The birthday cards from the last 15 years, the love notes from 8th grade, the Pokemon cards. Once a year, that’s all, just once a year, go through this box and decide what you need. And really, think about if it’s a need. What service are they purposing in that box? If there’s none, and you’re not really attached, toss it. Organized home, organized life.

I’m in my twenties too guys, and I realize that some of these seem like too much work (I used to meal plan for six hours on Sundays). I also realize that your life will be so much easier if it flows. Organizational skills are pivotal, and you’re not going to stop buying shit, or doing less work, so you need to at least have your life together.

What are YOUR favorite ways to stay organized? Drop a comment below!

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