• This week in Jen’s Five Week Fitness Journey:


Just kidding! I want to talk to you though about something that can seriously take your mental perspective and the scale number and just throw it out the window. Stress & Bloating are not your friend.

So, about this five week workout challenge. Basically, Dylan and I are trying to get into a shape other than round, before our wedding in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, as stated last week, this weight likes to live on our body. Tony and Nick are getting in shape, in general, and they’re killing it. Again, unfortunately, my body has just not been compromising- and here’s why:

Stress & Bloating.

It isn’t REAL weight, but it’s scale weight.

So, my womanly visitor came on in and made it’s place in my life for the last week, and it reigned supreme on my being. I’ve had plenty of periods where I’ve gained half a pound in water weight, but this time, it was THREE.

Three Pounds?! I did the numbers over and over in my head. I’m only eating 1400 calories, I’m working out an hour a day, I can not possibly gain three pounds. So, I knew it was water weight. My normal monthly visitor doesn’t add that much, but what else could be the culprit wrecking havoc on my body?


It’s been a rough week in the life of Jen Salisbury. In fact, I’ve spent more time crying and upset in the last week, than I have spent happy. That also likes to jump on your back and make you feel like a fat POS.

Doesn’t it suck? That our bodies react to the world in our heads, the world in our uterus, and has complete control over the scale? Rude.

So, back to the whole five week challenge… I went down three pounds week one, up three pounds in water weight and stress weight, and back down three pounds by today. Do I think I should have lost more at this point? No. While, it would be nice, I feeeeeeeeeeel smaller, and at the end of the day- I live in this body. So I’m okay with this… Also, I enjoy eating ice cream and nachos, Fuzzy’s tacos and Kombucha, and eating it DAILY. If those are things that will give me this body, well, I’ll be happy and fat over skinny and eating salads.

If you’re struggling with the number on the scale, and it doesn’t match the number of calories you’re eating or the amount your working out- take a look at your environmental factors. Those are the things that mess up the daily numbers that you see on the scale, those are the things that will mess with your head. Keep pushing though, don’t give up on those goals! There’s always next week!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. These posts are awesome! And the period bloat can be so real sometimes! This might be tmi but sometimes I have gained up to five pounds of water weight around those times, which is just nuts! Keep working hard girlie! You seem super committed and that is what is important!

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