We’ve made it through ten days of being married.

These ten days have been pretty much the same as the last almost four years. Dylan and I have always found this “comfortability” with each other, and it’s made us an old married couple since the beginning. I mean, of course we had that sixteen month stint where we basically hated each other’s existence, and also contributed to my raging anxiety, but we’re moving paaaaast that…

In order to celebrate our first ten days of marriage, we are going to talk about ten things that have happened. Life isn’t exciting for us, but if this is how the next 60 years are going to go- I’m ready.

First 10 Days Of Marriage Master List Of Things We’ve Done…

  1. Dylan has gotten to deal with having to wear a ring at all times. He’s already dropped it on the floor 324 times. He also scratched it while lifting. So far, so good.
  2. Well, this weekend I was so bloated my wedding rings got stuck on my finger and I had a panic attack about it.
  3. We went to church together on Sunday for the first time as a married couple! I prayed about our relationship, Dylan asked me if there was something wrong with me.
  4. We got our health insurance cards in the mail! Now I can be a hypochondriac AND go to the nearest doctor!
  5. Dylan and I still paid separately for our groceries… When do we start sharing things?
  6. I paid off my portion of our wedding loan. Dylan will be finishing his this month. We’re going to have our wedding loan entirely paid off before the wedding cruise. #GrownUpThings
  7. Dylan got a crib of 21 in cribbage. I got double skunked. Dylan cheated his way through the game, I swear.
  8. I drove Dylan to Midas to pick up his car after it got an oil change.
  9. Dylan smiled at me at the gym. He actually admitted that he belonged to me in public!
  10. Most importantly, and I know the thing that everyone’s waiting for… We have eaten nachos every single night for dinner. #11MonthsStrong. I think this needs to be it’s own blog post soon…

Marriage. Is. Cool.

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