I’m a millennial.

I like to be lazy, I like when I don’t have to do things, and I like when life just kind of “happens” my way. I’m also a millennial in the fact that I’m drowning under seven years of student loan, car, wedding, and personal debt. I live hours from my best friends and family, I drive a car with a cracked windshield because $400 could be spent better on something else, I bought a journal for relaxation and I’ve never even opened it, and I struggle to maintain a body type. Not even an ideal body type, just a body type. Being in your mid-twenties is basically sitting under a permanent rain cloud, while you try to create opinions that matter, harbor good impressions, and find some semblance of happiness.

Being a millennial is hard.

I think I can help though, or at least I’m going to try. Each Monday, I’ll be posting a blog that talks about millennial things, and I’m going to do my darnedest to help solve some of these problems.

What will you find here?

Student loan debt, making money easy and fast, minimizing your life, losing friendships, finding relationships, traveling, goals, organizational tools, and real life tips and tricks. I want to post recipes (not just nacho recipes, though tempting), talk about what work outs actually work (and not just on ME-apart from #getFIT posts), and bring in some really kick ass millennials who blog about things that change their lives… Why? Because these are all things I’ve personally gone one too many pages deep into Pinterest or Google for, and I would have appreciated to find it all in one place… That’s the point… I’m a millennial, you’re a millennial, we are just trying to survive. 

What will you NEVER find here?

Social issues. Political issues. Economics based issues. Basically, we spend 75% of our time scrolling on Facebook and trying to dodge a cluster of opinions that start fights, create anger, and make many people look crazy. I don’t want that here. While I feel like opinions on everything happening in the world is so important, I also think that there’s a time and a place. alwaysampersand.com will not be that place. 

Welcome to Millennial Mondays, where I’m going to do my best to solve all of your life’s problems…

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