(Insert picture of Jen & Dylan kicking ass in the gym here)

I can’t insert said actual picture, because Dylan pretends he doesn’t know me at the gym. Here’s how our normal gym nights go (those of you in a relationship, go ahead and compare with us):

Jen arrives at gym at 7:21 (meeting time is 7:30). Dylan arrive at gym at 7:42.
Jen immediately hits the weights, gets her set ready, and starts working out. Dylan takes 5 minutes to change and warm up, then starts running like a crazy person on the treadmill. There is about 20 minutes in here where Dylan runs constantly and Jen lifts weights around a bunch of muscle heads who talk about protein shakes, girl’s belifes, and their gym clothes. Dylan gets off the treadmill, and Jen almost immediately quits working out to go over to him. Dylan pretends Jen doesn’t exist. Jen asks a question that is not at all relevant to working out. Dylan rips out his ear phone because she’s interrupted whichever Ed Sheeran song he’s listening to, and rolls his eyes as Jen repeats the question. Jen walks away to finish her work out, while watching Dylan’s entire lifting set, hoping he makes eye contact with her. Dylan finishes his work out and they go home to eat nachos. What do we learn from this?

Dylan is rude.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked out together. On Saturdays at like 1am we’d go to SNAP Fitness by his parent’s house, but we were in really good shape then, so we’d just mess around. Now we can’t be in the same gym, because Dylan doesn’t want to mess around & Jen wants to play “cute gym couple, take a selfie for my Instagram story”. Heartbreaker. There’s an issue though… We’re on this five week weight loss challenge. Group one has lost a combined 20 pounds already… We’ve lost 2.

Why can’t we lose weight?

Seriously though, we’ve been dieting since just after Christmas. We don’t miss gym days, and if we do because of things like “weddings”, we make it up. We have been working out really hard, and have been sticking to our workouts without slacking… There’s a missing piece here & I want to get down to the bottom of it.

Here’s my thoughts…

I don’t think we can lose weight for two reasons. The first is that maybe we’re not watching our food and workouts as closely as we should. Maybe I’m eating a little bit extra… That little bit everyday, becomes a lot of bit at the end of the week. But obviously that’s not it. That’s not even logical. The real reason that we can’t lose weight is because we’re married. When you get married you get your mom bod and dad bod. Those are real things, and it happens overnight. It’s like magic. One day you’re engaged and you have these engaged bodies, and the next day *poof*, your childbearing hips are ready to be used. That’s precisely why we can’t lose weight, and we’re going to have to embrace it.

We’re actually practicing being parents lately… Tonight, I ate so much Taco Bell I had a food baby. Dylan’s doing great too- he’s been catering to all my cravings… Every time I want a different type of tacos, he’s all in.

Only 29 days until we’re in the Bahamas! #getFIT


16 thoughts on “#getFIT – 21”

  1. OMG! This is so true. It is so hard to lose weight once married. I mean really, you’re married! The hardest part is over, now you just want to eat delicious foods together, that make you both happy, and binge watch shows on Netflix LOL

  2. I love your writing! Really funny. I’ve been married for 8.5 years and now have two kids. I have a hard time losing weight. My husband decides to diet and loses 6 lbs. in a week. Very annoying.

  3. Lol this is so true. I’ve been married for almost 9 years now and since I had kids it’s hard to lose weight. There is always one excuses or something happened in the middle of my routine of losing weight. ..I am glad I am not alone with this .

  4. Truth! Once you’re married it’s so much harder to lose weight, and once you have a kid, forget about it. I feel like my husband stands up too fast and he loses 5 pounds. This is a great post, good luck in your challenge!

  5. This was hilarious! I hate when I have to lose weight. I get so moody. And yes, my husband drops weight so much easier.

    Yay for the Bahamas though. I’m jealous.

  6. It can be so hard to lose the weight sometimes so I can totally understand. I had a tough time when I first started working to lose to the weight I was constantly gaining from sitting around all day. I hope you guys succeed in reaching your goal before the Bahamas! You can do it!!


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