I’ve been told I’m a tad “dramatic”.

I put that statement in quotations because it’s clear, to me anyway, that that’s all opinion and not factual. I’d like to call it “emotionally charged” and “expressive”, both of which have a a far better connotation than dramatic. 

The reason I’m explaining this to you, is because what I say next will sound extra dramatic, but let’s just say it’s extremely emotionally charged… I’m having a blogging mid-life crisis. Is that a real thing? Does it exist? Am I alone on Crises Island? Apparently, blogging becomes successful once you put it in a box and tie it up with a pretty little bow. I have been crushed. It was like “out with the old, in with the new”, except it was about my real life and what was going to be really successful… I spent hours scrounging up the courage to put my blog in a box, because only once you’re in a box can you make money… Or so, that’s what the Facebook groups, Instagram pods, and Twitter hashtags tell me. You need a niche. 

I totally have lived with the confidence that my niche is being a lifestyle blogger. Lifestyle is a niche. Living, breathing, surviving, and thriving is a niche… I mean, this is my real life, right? Wrong… Kinda. So, yesterday as the ice storm made it’s way across Iowa, I was determined to put my blog in a box. “Focus on one thing that you do well, and do it often- that’s where your success will be” *Insert crisis here* Why? Because I can’t put my blog in a box.

So, then I figured I’d have to at least try go about this differently before I took my entire blog and threw it off a cliff… One comment in a Facebook group struck a cord, for the best. An incredible blogger let me know that she learned, your niche is only one of two things: topical or demographic. That, my friends, make a whole heck of a lot more sense than the “choose one niche, post about one thing, and flourish”. (Ya’ll, I was in tears last night trying to decide how I was going to grow my blog, but also still be me…)

Demographically speaking, I speak to you.

From what I’ve measured, I speak to basically four “main people” on alwaysampersand, but really there’s a part of me in all of you. I speak to the young couples, those who don’t have perfect relationships and need to know that they’re not alone. I speak to women trying to find self love, and you follow my journey in the gym and my love of food pretty frequently. I speak to those who deal with the real, and you hear about my fears, anxieties, and pain because that’s how life goes sometimes… Lastly, I speak to millennials. Surviving your twenties is not easy, especially not when you are an imperfect person, in an imperfect couple, dealing with the real and finding self love.

I guess, that’s my niche, and that’s where this blog will grow. I can’t stay in a box, because the whole essence of being a millennial is living outside of the box (or else, you’re totally into being in a box as long as it’s handed to you, but please don’t ask me to go out and find that box myself). I’m not going to promise to post on a solid schedule, or many times a week, but I am going to promise to continue to create and promote real content. alwaysampersand will always be a place to connect our lives.

… until next time- xoxo, Jen

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