You take two people. One of those people spent her entire life content in being herself, being alone and being in a relationship with the gym. The other was fresh out of a relationship, starting a brand new internship and was in a relationship with socks and sandals.

They were not made for each other.

She didn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who chased her, incessantly. He didn’t want to take no for an answer. He actually tried to take no for an answer a couple times, but she refused to let those “no’s” stick. That’s when she knew that he won. And he did.

They had five and a half months of phone conversations, Facebook messages and a whole lot of roller coaster before they actually took the leap… That leap? A text message that she sent stating “We’re dating now, change your Facebook status”. Romantic.

Their dating life was #relationshipgoals. They had every single Saturday night together. They missed only two in their entire two years of dating. One of them was because he was interviewing for a job in Lincoln, NE. They would take turns traveling to each other’s house during the week, and once a week they would meet halfway for lunch, just to spend an hour together in between their combined seven jobs. Young love.

So, about that interview in Lincoln. He came home from the trip and asked her if she’d move with him. She didn’t hesitate. She loved him, he wanted to follow his dreams, she went.

He knew she was “the one” and proposed the next week.

The engagement was not easy. They moved to Lincoln, moved to Iowa, lost touch with each other, and almost lost it all. It was a rough, rough engagement. It wasn’t sunshine, butterflies, and happy memories. It was tears, resentment, and pain.

They found God. They found forgiveness. They found each other.

They got married on Friday and started their happily ever after. They’re just humans, but they’re not alone. Relationships are hard work, but they’re worth it when you’re in love.

Cheers to the rest of their lives. That floppy haired boy who wore socks with sandals every day. That silly hopeless romantic that lost her worth as she lost her weight.

January 13th, 2017.

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