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Christmas is in 9 days.

First, that’s really soon. That means in a week we will be in Duluth (as long as Minnesota decides to stop snow storming before then.) Bummer for you guys, cause that’s not cute. All we have in Iowa right now is an ice storm, but Dylan and I are planning to stay in tomorrow regardless…

Thankfully, I just left the post office with my newest Christmas present, so staying in tomorrow will be just fine… Let’s back up a little bit.

Dylan is the worst when it comes to Christmas. He gives a list every single year of things he wants. Unfortunately, these things are all VERY expensive (who has $300.00 to spend on a leather duffel bag?) or it’s a list of things he wants “right now”… As in “today I want these fifteen hockey jerseys”, but he totally forgets about the watch that he wanted three months ago. Guess who didn’t forget? Me.

Dylan gave me a Christmas list, and I looked at it and nodded, completely knowing that I was getting him the Fossil Q for Christmas. The Fossil Q is a badass fitbit-apple watch hybrid, that is sexy. It’s seriously beautiful with it’s silver band that looks like a “normal” Fossil… (Shoutout to Olivia, for hooking a girl up with an employee discount) Anyways…

The reason Dylan is the worst at Christmas is because he will HOUND you until he figures out what he’s getting. At Thanksgiving he sat on a couch and created online shopping carts to prompt his mother into purchasing. Her and I just roll out eyes, because we both are stuck with this goofball for life. Actually, pretty sure aside from my parents, he’s already 100% in “the know” of what he’s getting for Christmas. Dylan doesn’t believe in the magic of a surprise… He believes in the magic of “if you’re not going to buy this, let me know so that I can buy it myself”.

Dylan told my mother, his mother, and me his list and Thanksgiving and was a little stinker about it. He found out I wasn’t getting him something on his list and he threw a fit. To the point where on Thanksgiving he knew what he was getting for Christmas because I was sick and tired of his whining. But props to him for holding off until tonight to open it.

The reason that he waited until tonight is because my gift arrived today. (I didn’t know I was getting this gift until yesterday. The reason I knew early is because Dylan is the worst when it comes to surprises… As in, surprises don’t exist.)

Not that you can tell, but I’ve been able to type this entire blog without my keys dying. Cause ya’ girl got a new laptop. Thank you Dylan and baby Jesus, because no one realized how rough my Chromebook was getting. I used to lose the function of the 7, 8, 9, Y, U, I, H, J, K, L, N, & M keys. Try to type a sentence without using any of those keys. You’ll want to jump off a cliff. Over and over.

I used to have to hold my laptop at a 90 degree angle for 17 seconds, slam it on a table, keep a 1in. binder underneath it, and then punch the keys. If that didn’t work, I would have to massage the keys and continue to hit them while screaming profanities. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was injuring someone or something… I guess I kind of was.

Alas, my new HP laptop has had ALL working keys, a larger screen, and is overall quicker. While the ChromeBook is no longer a part of my life, I would always suggest it. It was great for finishing school and day to day use. Unfortunately now, I have a 97% online job, and need to be able to log onto the network all the time to do a million different things. I feel like a grown up now, getting watches and laptops instead of designer purses and Uggs.

Hope everyone in Minnesota has a safe weekend, we will be thinking of you all before we return home!

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