Can you have a case of the Mondays that spans weeks?

I needed a break.

I took a good ol’ two week vacation from the blog because I’ve been a crabby chick. Yesterday, I got up & got ready, had an incredible scream sing session all the way to work. I had sunshine paving the way to give up on my crappy week that I was putting behind me…

Then I got to work. I quickly learned that I had submitted something very very very veeeery incorrectly, warranting an entire radio station to be WRONG, (like the entire thing. Like it was wrong, yo) anddddd it was all my fault. So the sunshine fell out of my butt pretty quickly and I sat in a puddle of tears in my office for three hours.

I don’t know though, because it wasn’t just that Monday. I cried before my dress fitting because I didn’t feel “in shape” enough to try on dresses. Like, at the bridal shop, ready to go home three minutes after my appointment started… I cried on Saturday because I told Dylan he wasn’t going to marry me, or that he’d fall out of love with me. Want to know WHY? Because he was driving the speed limit in the left lane. Mentally. Unstable. I created an entire reason why Dylan would fall OUT of love with me, that stemmed from the LEFT LANE and Dylan driving the SPEED LIMIT. WHAT.

I had a daily mental breakdown for the last week about everything and nothing all at once. At one point, I convinced myself that the fat in my legs wasn’t sitting correctly and that my body was destined to have some unexplained disease. I couldn’t even find a name for it on Google, it was that rare!

Ya’ll feel me? Like those crabby days that turn into crabby weeks? I’ve just been so grumpy, like call snow white and put me back in that little house. #dwarf.

So, after spending a week being boring, and having nothing to blog about… Then spending a week being crabby and not wanting to spew my hatred on the planet earth and all it’s inhabitants, I’m back. Here’s how I’m coping with my crabby mood:

  1. First, we joined a gym. Listen to this. For $10.00 a month, we can each have a membership that’s considered “basic”. (Pumpkin Spice Latte and Uggs not included) Includes nothing. Just cardio and weights. For $30.00 a month, we can have a premium membership. Includes group fitness, tanning, and cardio and weights. Also includes unlimited guests. So for $15.00 EACH a month, Dylan and I have free tanning, free group fitness classes, and workout equipment. Baller. (I’m actually so excited to start working out again. Do you see #getFIT posts on the horizon, cause I sure do.)
  2. Second, Diet Coke always gets me in the right mindset to live my life. Do ya’ll have your “things” that just make you smile? Diet Coke is my thing. You already knew this… Why am I telling you again? Because I love Diet Coke. Please sponsor my blog. #DietCoke #SponsorMe #ISpendSoMuchMoneyOnYou
  3. Third, having things to look forward to really just helps to alleviate the clouds of my life. (Does that make sense at all?) Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, and we get to go home. I am drooling thinking about mashed potatoes. We also have this thing called a “wedding” in like THREE MONTHS… So that’s kinda cool.
  4. Fourth, Getting ISH done. The wedding date is set, the dress is bought, cruise is paid for, honeymoon is taken care of, we’re getting the wedding application ready, like this is HAPPENING. I loveeeeeeee feeling accomplished.
  5. Fifth, I know good people. After yesterday, I thought my job was in the toilet. I took three pep talks, and a little self realization to know that life just happens sometimes. Also, today, my boss made a joke about the fact that I dropped the entire radio station on it’s head, so it’s always good to remember that “There’s always tomorrow”.

Ya’ll crabbies who are living like I did for the past week, snap outta it! List out what you could do to get out of your crabby mood, cause sunshine and rainbows is way better than rain clouds and imagining starting the world on fire just to laugh as you watch it burn… BYEEEEE.

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