Indigestion. Partying at the bar. Wedding Dress Shopping. Candles. Welcome to my life.

I have spent the last two weeks in what I would call “health hell”. Honestly, the fact that I get “sick” so often in my head, worries me if I’m ever REALLY sick. I’m pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to self diagnosing normal symptoms into unrealistic illnesses.

For instance, these weeks I’ve been living with a combination of back pains, nausea, and numb limbs. Do you know those symptoms can contribute to cancer? pancreatitis? heart disease? a destroyed liver? I had them all. So, I made and canceled three doctor’s appointments, thinking I’d be “fine”, but then didn’t feel fine, so I drove home.

Nine. Hours. In. One. Car. In. One. Day. A blood panel. Urine samples. A WORD DOCUMENT OF ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS OVER THE PAST TWO WEEKS. And an anxious female sitting in the doctor’s office.


The same indigestion that put me in the hospital. The same indigestion that constantly makes me think that I’m dying of a heart attack. The same indigestion that wrecks havoc on my life. JUST. INDIGESTION. I’m an old woman.

At least I’m healthy. (This sentence is pending, my full panel of results comes in tomorrow)

Other than that, Dalton was here this weekend. I took that as “let’s party” and Dylan and I (+ Nick, Tony, and Dalton) went out. Like “out out”. Like Jen went to the bar. Jen got drunk at the bar, and wanted to fight a bunch of females, wanted to dance which was frowned upon, and just wanted to be 21 again. I’m not. Kudos to those that graduated in the class of 2010 who can go out to the bar weekly. I went out for the first time since October 2015, and I’m done until October 2017. Can we reiterate that I’m an old woman?

Also, I’m currently online shopping for candles. Is that normal? Dylan and I have a candle collection, because apparently candles are our hobby. I m still an old woman.

Lastly, and most importantly, I’m going wedding dress shopping. Nothing like doing it three months before I get married- right? Now I just need to find a dress that costs about $14.00 because I’m not having a typical wedding, and won’t be wearing it for more than two hours. Anyone? Bueller? Does that exist?

Time for Grandma to go fold the laundry.

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