In this episode of “Jen’s life is a disaster, only because she’s really dramatic” we talk about watching my best friend find her wedding dress, spending eight hours on a road trip with my love, the fact that my hands are falling asleep, my experience at the Drake concert, the return of my anxiety, my new neighbor, and the fact that I’m going on a date on Saturday with another man (men?).


Alright, let’s break it all down. Last weekend Dylan and I went home. I will tell you that this trip was the FIRST road trip that Dylan and I have ever taken in the course of our relationship where we didn’t fight ONCE the entire drive. THERE. AND. BACK. Hello, like give us the couple of the year award. Normally it’s just annoyances like “Dylan, why are you driving on the shoulder” or “Dylan, I asked 62 miles ago to stop and use the bathroom” or “Jen, can you please stop saying UM every single time you start a round of Heads Up” or “Jen, we can’t possibly listen to Climax by Usher one more time or I’ll kill you”. But this time. NONE OF IT. Precious.

We went home because a certain someone was just trying to get her life all in order so she can marry her best friend. I need to just commend her for knowing what to do to get married. Apparently, wedding dresses take months to come in- as I’m getting married in less than five months. Another panic, for another day. Chelsie had a bridal appointment and we watched her look like a total babe in a wedding dress. Actually, like seven of them. She found “the one”, and it was sunshine and rainbows. Literally, the dress is NOTHING what you would expect from Chelsie, if you know her, but EVERYTHING you’d hope she’d look like as a bride. It was “hers”. Also, during that time, all us girls got asked like the most important question, ever. Super excited to stand next to my best friend on her big day!

So my anxiety… It’s back, and with a vengeance. I think I pinched a nerve in my back, or something along those lines, because I’ve been getting weird “chills” in my back lately, and my fingertips feel like they’re asleep sometimes. My arm pain and chest pain is my normal indigestion (which I hate saying, because I feel like indigestion is for the elderly and like 600 pound men), but these chills and my back pain freaks me out. Also, my legs hurt- and after telling my mom that I have blood clots, and her telling me basically to jump off a cliff because I’m so dramatic, I let it go. But they do hurt…. Then add in that my limbs feel all tingly, and my back is getting these chills, sets me up for another trip to the ER. Which homegirl can not afford right now. So can someone please diagnose my body aches? Yesterday at the Drake pre-party, my forearm hurt (like a weird pressure like I pulled it), and I linked it back to “first sign of a heart attack for women”, which sent my anxiety through. the. roof. Luckily for me, my tingly fingers are both right & left side, so that doesn’t really fit coy with a heart attack, plus I think after 24 hours- I’d know if I was dying… right? I’ve done too much research on WebMD this week, and while I may now be diabetic with anemia and a brain disorder, it’s most likely my anxiety focusing on the ONE DAY my foot fell asleep, and since I spend hours thinking about it- I feel it all the time. Life is fun.

I’m not going into detail with Drake, but let’s just say that the concert was BEYOND amazing. I had one too many ratchet white girl moments, but holler for a dollar, that man is skilled. He didn’t do the whole “oh, I’m here, let’s sing and go home” schtick that you see at a lot of concerts. He may perform for a paycheck, but he seemed way more humble and appreciative of the entire crowd than you would imagine from a VERY known artist. He talked to the crowd, talked about Iowa, didn’t sing a bunch of his “too new music”, and didn’t have an entire backing track of him “singing over his singing”. It was b-e-a-utiful. Drake, you’re now in my Top 5 ever concerts. (I see a blog post coming on…)

My new neighbor has moved in. She or he live above us. She or he walks very much. She or he only wears heels- the entire time they’re in the house. She or he is (SO FAR) quieter than said previous neighbors Loud little Sally and her mother. Stay tuned…

Lastly, Saturday is date day. I am “technically” going  out with other men- but it’s just Tony and Nick. Thank God for Nick though. Nick and I are basically the same person in two different bodies. We love tacos, we love bowling, we love the same Kenny Chesney song, blah blah blah. Best. Friends. Nick likes to do date-y things, so he suggested to go go-karting. So I add on the blacklight mini golf. Nick and I like to make plans together, and then Tony and Dylan HAVE to join, because that’s how things go. Dylan will say NO to something if it’s my idea, but if it’s Nick’s idea- he’s ALL IN.  So lucky me, I finally get to play the mini golf course I’ve been asking to play since we moved here last November!

I don’t know what I’ll ever do if Nick & Tony leave us. We’ve become a foursome of best friendship, and this is the LIFE.

Happy Hump Day!

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