I’m living in my own personal hell.

This moment, right here, this is the worst moment of my entire life.

The neighborhood is on fire, and I’m just sitting in the middle of the wreckage contemplating just finding the nearest cliff and jumping off. Let’s dive in…

Crazy woman below me has rekindled a love affrair with the man she was with last November when we all moved in. I know this because I remember his deep voice as he cried about her infidelity and how he hated her. Apparently, he still hates her, and usually between 2-4am. He hates her so loudly that he wakes us up so that we can know how much he hates her too.

This last weekend, she decided to lock her dog in a room for seven hours and it barked the entire time, so that was a great start. Then she came home, and the dog must have chewed something, and she yelled at the dog to lay down for about ten minutes. Then, after sixteen seconds of silence, she started fighting with this guy again… Seriously. Because peace does not exist in my life… She was extremely upset that he didn’t text her to ask how she was. Then she was upset because he was taking away her freedom. Then she just cried.

Right now, I can’t even begin to explain what’s happening in this very moment. The people above us are moving. They’ve been moving their stuff out of the apartment for about a week. It’s been loud for the past 10 months, and I’m just waiting patiently to have a little peace and quiet… Except for today.

Today, their apartment must be empty. They must be having a going away party, or something. It involves a bike, rollerblades, a hockey stick, four basketballs, and about six children. I can hear them singing ring around the rosy, and I’m about to ring them around the neck. For the first hour, my heart said “this is the end, they’re leaving soon”. We’re in hour two, and my heart is say “burn the apartment to the ground.”

Crazy is below me, fighting with someone on the other end of the phone- or she’s fighting with herself. The spice girls above me are making damn sure that I absolutely hate them before they move out. And outside- this is the best part. Outside, there is a cult gathering. They are chanting, singing, and laughing all. in.unison. Normally, I am the first person to turn off all the lights, lay on the floor, and be a spy. Right now, I’m fearing for my life and just want Dylan to come home.

Also, why is there a baby crying and where is it coming from? Life.

Here’s currently what my life sounds like… I’m getting out the wine, I need a drink.

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