I wish I could say that I am kidding here, but I’m not. This will be our second time cancelling our wedding. Now, before you have a mental breakdown and leave us 14 voicemails- this is actually a funny story.

At first, we decided to have one location- “our dream”. We thought that this is exactly what we wanted, until we found out that what we wanted came with a lot of extras that we couldn’t exactly afford. Like chairs. This venue didn’t even give us chairs. I didn’t realize that was a thing, but I guess it is… “Alright friends and family, please, just stand here for a little while and all clap when we kiss.” No. No alter either. That was an additional $500.00. So we had to add a solid $1,000 onto the price of our “awesome dream wedding”, and we didn’t want to play that game anymore.

So, “the dream” died, and in the interest of saving money, we moved onto venue number two. It was definitely settling, but all I want is the “here comes the bride” moment, like I’ve said before. We got the refund for the first venue, and paid for the second, and then IT happened.

I decided, as a bride should, to try and google the location of wedding number two. (Yes, a little late to the game. Thousands of dollars later I decide to LOOK at it.) There were not any pictures. I tried to read reviews, I watched YouTube videos, and then I panicked. Like, three hours deep on the computer, I couldn’t find ANY confirmation about what the venue looked like. Somewhere, on page seven of Google, was the link. “Wife and Husband wedding ________ on whatever date 2015”. I was so excited, I clicked and prepared for the gorgeous one of a kind wedding moment. I was READY for this to blow my socks off… Then, i became speechless.

We had just confirmed a payment in what I would describe as the UGLIEST wedding venue to exist. It’s actually not a venue, it’s a theatre, and we were the main event.

It was themed.

Jesters. And. Jokers.

Take a minute and soak it in. I would be getting married in a theatre themed Jesters and Jokers, clearly like my life. My mom called it funky- which I’m assuming was her way of saying “awesome, your wedding is ugly”. Dylan laughed for about three hours, and it was a genuine belly laugh, probably like those jokers wanted from the crowd. At first, I cried. Of course I was going to cry, it was my WEDDING. Then I laughed, and have been laughing ever since. There were shields and swords as decor. They had scheduled us to be married in a room with sequin curtains and 70’s style carpeting with BOXES on it. There were velvet swivel chairs in the theatre. VELVET. Tonight I told my mom that if we got married there, it would be with a “no phone policy” because I NEVER want anyone to see where I got married.

So, now here we are. Today, Dylan and I made a little tweak, and I’m going to let you know- we have fallen in love. We found the picture perfect “this is it” moment that we didn’t have with the first two venues. A few decisions to make, and a dotted line signature- then the happily ever after gets to happen. Luckily for you all, invites round one were sent out, the nitty gritty details are on the way to the blog SOON!

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