I have to tell you something about Dylan and I. Other than the whole “anatomy” thing, we are basically the opposite gender. I honestly just think this is funny, and I want to know if there are other couples like us… Please, someone say that they are like us. Here’s what’s weird:

1. Dylan has a Pinterest board for our wedding. I have a Pinterest board for the gym.

2. Dylan’s favorite movies include Twilight and The Notebook.

3. Dylan spends the week waiting until Saturday so he can go shopping. I would prefer to lay in bed, watch TV, and have my hand in my pants.

4. During Football Season, Sunday is spent with me watching the Vikings and Dylan cleaning the house.

5. Dylan is 100% more affectionate than me. He wants the “lovey dovey” at all times, and I usually end up burping or farting on him instead.

6. Dylan looks at himself in the mirror upwards of 48 times a day. I go to work almost everyday with toothpaste on my face because I never even look at myself.

7. Dylan is concerned with fashion. SO. CONCERNED. I am way more concerned with if I can get away with wearing gym clothes to every life situation.

8. As you’ve all seen, Dylan’s quite the man of a mixed drink. I’m the woman with a Miller Lite in hand.

9. When we go out to eat, 75% of the time Dylan orders a salad for “his figure”. I pick a burger for mine.

10. I will scream like a sailor over sports in the living room, while Dylan is crying over “the beauty of love” on the TV in the bedroom.

No matter what, this guy is my best friend, my perfect balance, and my FUTURE HUSBAND, but really, he needs to stop being so concerned about his hair…

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