If maybe, possibly, somewhere in the universe you were looking for a sign that someone’s life has hit a low, lower than yours, I’m here to put you at ease. Last week, I did something that I told myself that I would never do.

You see, if you were not aware, there’s this world of social media where you get paid to post. You are asked to post things on your personal Instagram, or more importantly, to make a Youtube video, and then you get a check for it. While I’m not all for whoring myself out on the internet, I am all for the paycheck aspect. (and on that note, anyone who wants to sponsor my to blog, post on my 11.2k follower based Instagram, or even just to tweet about how great you are for a small compensation, hit. me. up.) Anyways, I’m not socially famous enough to make a living on the internet, YET, but I want to be.

Not really. But the point here, is those who do make money on the internet have a certain “theme” to their Instagram feeds. Often times the same filters are used throughout as to convey the same “message” across the platform. It makes your page look appealing, apparently, or there’s something cool and trendy about it. Clearly, I’m VERY cool and trendy… So, here’s where I come in.

I do this too, on my Instagram. I theme the hell out of that business. I am ashamed to admit it. And I can’t stop.

If you scroll down my Instagram feed, you will see that I have about 25-30 photos all within one filter, and I feel like my life is really together when I do this. (I can’t believe I am currectn Then I get bored and switch it up. This is actually a blog right now, and this is actually my life. So, last week I was laying in bed having a panic attack about my Instagram theme, which is not normal and I resulted in doing the unthinkable.

I paid for a filter. I literally got my ass on VSCO, clicked on new filters, found one that I figured to be “aesthetically pleasing” and clicked purchase. Then I sat there in shock and convinced myself to go to bed because I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Why is this the world that we live in, where I have found more “likes” and “success” because I have a matching Instagram filter. Like, I can’t believe I’m talking about this. So, I just wanted you all to know, if you felt like you were low, you’re okay. You may have gotten bad grades, been broken up with, or got in trouble at work, but you did not stoop to a level where you paid money so that your Instagram will match.

This. is. my. life.

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