Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids.

You’re sadly mistaken if you think I’m going to give up my love of selfies. I’ve told you about how much joy a selfie brings me (see here), and that ain’t stoppin. What I do want to talk about though, is how my selfie addiction has destroyed my iPhone.

First, it started out as just a thing. My nice little infant sized iPhone can only hold so much information before it is full. I laughed in the face of this challenge, cause I would never fill it! But little by little, my face took over and the GBs on my “internal storage” reduced quickly. Of course, I thought that throwing my face up to the iCloud would be great, but alas, “FULL” was the message I was stuck with. Well damn.

How, can I possibly take 324 pictures on the quick shutter feature, as I show off all of my angles, and practice my perfect pout, if there’s no space for it to be kept?

Enter the two apps that saved my life. First, I’ve been using Dropbox for years. Since the day I got my first iPhone. It automatically uploads my photos, and keeps them safe. Or so I thought. Until I got enrolled in a class that used Dropbox, logged into my account, and my entire group got to see my unfilited and unedited “progress photos” (no sexts, you nasties, it was literally my Farrell’s progress photos). So that was a good thing to explain. Since then, I’ve been a little hesitant on Dropbox, but continued to upload.

The second app was Shoebox. I downloaded it last week, and it’s saving all my pictures, available for me to view without being “online”. This rocks. So with these two apps holding my entire roll of snapshot memories, videos of Dylan dancing, and 400 selfies, I got rid of 50% of my photos. I almost puked.

Sometimes they say you should keep every memory you’d be afraid to lose, but today I purged everything. It’s all still safe, but now I have ample iPhone space for when Jason Derulo and I need to selfie our lives away on August 14.

So, I guess the entire purpose of this post was to inform you on these really cool apps? I do suggest you invest in them, especially in your iCloud is full. They do essentially the same, and for free. (So, when I say invest, I basically just mean to download the app). Once again, Shoebox & Dropbox. Get on it. Purge those memories that you don’t look at ever, but can’t part with. Have a good day!


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