Here’s the sitch: I’ve been trying to post this super inspirational blog about growing as a person and taking you all along for the ride within this here web page, but the words had a hell of a time coming out nicely. I wanted to make it all “cutesy” and monumental because the ampersand is going into year two now, as it’s domain was renewed today! (we all survived a year of Jen complaining on a blogging forum? yes, yes you did) So naturally, I wanted to thank you, and praise myself, and shit rainbows all over this place, but I couldn’t. That’s just not who I am….

When I started alwaysampersand last year, it’s “intention” was to fall into that super trendy “blogger mold”. I wasn’t a mommy, to mommy blog. Wasn’t a fitness guru, to fitness blog. So OBVIOUSLY (not even a little obviously) my niche was a fashion/diy blog. After two months of forced posts from someone who prefers leggings to any other type of clothing, I realized I was out of my league. For the next six months, I struggled to find my place in the big world of blogging. I scheduled posts about things I didn’t care about (12 blogs of Christmas, 20-something summer, #ew), in order to post on a consistent schedule. I thought that posting WHEN was more important than WHAT.  The content was lackluster and so was the view count. So then in December, I mentioned about how 2016 was going to be this “new experience” for the ampersand. Oddly enough, it never really happened…. There was no “new”, as I continued to Google “really interesting blog topics”, and pass them off as great content. I was still scared to let go & be unapologetically real, all the time. Luckily, my transition happened over a few months, where “forced blogging” was just not my game anymore, and panic attacks became a reason for readers to click…

I started blogging about losing weight after gaining it. I blogged about struggling with part time jobs and money. And I blogged about relationships, confidence, anxiety, and other super personal things. This was Jen, and it was real. I think the first BOLD blog that got attention was Policing Social Media. People respected my “middle finger up” attempt at a post. So I did it again, with being a hypchondriac. & again, with my anxiety and being in a shitty season of life. Slowly but surely, these types of posts got more and more attention. In June, my posts have blown all else out of the water, and my view count is insane. I have people message me daily, opening up a dialogue that we never would have existed. And honestly, THAT is what’s important to me. Not only do I get to escape my head, by typing this all out, but I get to see that people are in the same boat as me. We’re all just trying to stay above water in this ocean we call our 20’s.

So, instead of this super sentimental, unnecessary long, and kind of sappy post, I’ll just say this: Alwaysampersand was my shot to take my passion for writing and lack of filter between my brain and mouth, and put it together. The last year was a roller coaster not only on here, but also in living my life… I struggled more times than I wanted to admit, but once I did this entire blog changed. I don’t want to say I’m this cool “lifestyle blogger”, because I’m not. I’m just a real person, with real drama, who doesn’t want to do it alone. No more scheduled out goaldigger posts, my #getFITs will only be a “every so often” deal, and Jesus Christ, we are DONE with blogging series or blog themes! Stop it! So… that’s where we’re at. I’m going to keep talking about how sometimes I don’t feel pretty, or how I have only eaten nachos for dinner since March (this is true), and I’m going to hold your hand when you aren’t happy with the number on the scale, or your anxiety is through the roof. Because alwaysampersand may be my platform to vent to the whole big world, but it’s also my place to find the people who are in my little one.

Onto The Next Year…


Side note: Since Dylan and I have finished Farrell’s in March, we have eaten ghetto nachos every single night for dinner (week nights only), except for our vacation to California. Monday – Friday we eat this: 1 serving of tostido bite tortilla chips, refried pinto beans, sour cream for me. That’s it. everyday. Dylan eats: chips, beans, sour cream, avacado, cheese, and salsa. This concoction get zapped in our radiation filled microwave and is followed up by a Walmart brand ice cream drumstick. Every. Single. Night. We haven’t gotten sick of it yet. When I say the nacho obsession is real, I’m a truther.

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  1. Seriously you are the best lol. Anytime I try to write about my life in a blog I am always like, “Okay April, no one cares that you stood in the kitchen at 3pm in your jammies biting your nails while scrolling on IG and simultaneously eating chocolate chips straight from the bag.” Like i’m not interesting enough as a person, but, I do like to cook so thats where im attempting to take my blog. You tho? Seriously you could blog about sitting on the couch and its funny and interesting! lol. Keep up what you are doing because it works.

    P.S How the HECK did you get your blog to look so nice?! I keep trying to “redesign” mine to look good and I don’t know what im doing! Ack!

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