Our last day in California was filled. That’s what I can say about it, it was busy. Dylan is DEFINITELY a “see and do everything” type of person. If it was a “California thing”, we had a plan to see it. Lunch with Essa was eaten in Jessica Biel’s restaurant, Au Fudge. It was the epitome of “L.A.”. We did the LACMA light, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills, ya know, the usual. It was definitely a busy day, and by about 4:30 we were ready to go home.

Jen and Dylan don’t belong in California. First, my spray tan was far more orange than I wanted. Thank God for filters. My body is not made to be in the sun, so I will stay in a place with six months of winter. Second, Dylan and I lack the patience to sit in a car. When you go a 12 mile trek and it takes any longer than 15 minutes, I have an issue. Our 12 mile trek took about 58 minutes and I was JUST ABOUT ready to walk. Third, we like to eat. We are far more comfortable in sweatpants, with nachos, then any of that business about looking good. Yes, I totally understand that the “industry” out there basically requires a mold for people to fit in. Unfortunately, I would spill over into a second mold… Lastly, “nice” isn’t a vocab word. We’re fine with it, really. It’s just hard to grow up holding doors, thanking people, and doing “the nod”, then going to a place and being WEIRD for doing it.

California is the place for some people to live, flourish, and find love and success. For us, it was stressful and long. We belong in the midwest. Midwest is BEST.

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