Well, hello there friends. I’m planning on posting a blog tomorrow that kind of catches you up on my life, because whoofta, a lot has been going on. Most of my blog posts have been “pre-written”, because I needed to help myself out a little bit. I feel like I’m standing still in the middle of a constantly spinning world. One thing though that has stayed constant? fitness. Go. Figure.

Let’s catch you up on my 2016 so far, my successes, my failures, and what I’m doing now.

January to March: Farrell’sFarrell’s was the jump start I needed, I’ll give it that. When we got our before and after pictures back I was blown away. Unfortunately, I also counted macros, very unsuccessfully. It wasn’t working for my body, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds in that ten weeks, and I lost four.

Mid-March to Mid-April: Snap Fitness. All hail the normal gym. I thought this was going to be a Godsend, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed at that time. I was all gung-ho about “losing all this weight before California!” “cut these calories, don’t count macros” “kick some ass”, and I wasn’t really focused. I did lose about five and a half pounds, which got me down to “about” an October 2015 weight, but then my membership ended.

Mid-April to Now: Fitness WorldSweet baby Jesus, I’m home. The YMCA was my haven. I was comfortable there. I loved working out. I loved the machines. It was home. Farrell’s did not provide that. Snap Fitness did not provide that. Fitness World has filled the void. I have been lifting heavy, enjoying cardio (ew), and going almost every single day. I love it there. Unfortunately my membership ends in June, and I will have a breakdown. I can not afford a gym right now, so my heart is slowly falling out of my chest… I have only lost about five more pounds (down 15 since January), but my body is getting toned again. The booty is loud and proud, but also perky and round. Think more globe, less cottage cheese.

Speaking of Cottage Cheese… During counting macros I began another obsession with food. If you haven’t ever experienced it, it’s hard to break. When I was doing Snap, I cut to a healthy caloric deficit, and didn’t focus on macros at all. I spent about five weeks staying ONLY in those calories, trying to break that fear of food. The last week of April I decided to switch to “intuitive” eating, kind of. I do still keep a caloric deficit, as recorded on MyFitnessPal. I do not track the extra oreo, the extra Reese’s, or the four animal crackers I share with M on Thursday’s. (I do also make sure to move, so in a sense, burning those calories off. We walk to the park, Friday’s I push a double stroller up to the school, Tuesday’s I run around with a baby carrier…) I no longer weigh my food. I spent weeks weighing out cheese, and now I “approximate” it. It’s been a real healthy switch, but also allowed me to enjoy life again. Bring on Taco Bell!

I ALSO WEIGH MYSELF EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now listen, I’ve been #1 in the “tossing your scale out and running it over with a car” club. So I just want to be honest with you all, because I do step on the scale daily. I have been using an app called “Happy Scale”. Instead of weighing myself six times a day, freaking out, and crying forever, I’ve been weighing once and watching the trend. As I see a steadily downward decline, mixed with my “moving average”, it brings a lot of peace. It’s not an obsession, it’s not a “need”, but it’s a good way to monitor goals without it feeling unhealthy. Honestly, I don’t feel antsy about it. It’s not like a “scary heavy” feeling like it used to be. It’s just part of my “week”, and a weekly average is so much easier to watch then a daily panic attack.

So far so good. I haven’t lost “all the weight” I gained in Nebraska, but I’m about 8 pounds away. I have a goal to lose six more pounds by California, but honestly, I’m loving myself lately, so if it happens it happens. How are your goals? Did you put yourself first and really get into the mindset of “summer ready”?

Also, BN: I know you read these! I know you’re kicking butt! And I’m so happy to be helping and listening to your journey! Keep going girl. (If anyone else needs the motivation, please don’t hesitate to Facebook message me. I’ve made all the fitness mistakes, so we can reach success together!)

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