Wowzers, what a list. Hopefully we can get through all of these numerous goals I set out for myself this month…

So, March, you were lovely. Thank you for giving me the enjoyment of the weather, overall. But maybe in April we can skip out on snow altogether? Thanks also for letting me enjoy my road trip to Chicago. That was an awesome getaway, spent with good people. Thank you March, for letting me enjoy a weekend in my new home, with my family here. That was pretty awesome, mainly because Dylan & I didn’t have to travel. Obviously also because I got to spend time with the puppies, my best friends. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy spending time with celebrities, enjoy my new job, and enjoy my daily laughter with my littles.

Mainly, March, I want to thank you for a few more things. Thank you for letting me enjoy Dylan cleaning the house late into the night, because we don’t have to have a 9:30pm bedtime. Thank you for letting me enjoy the day, because I got a full night of sleep. Thank you for finally helping me to enjoy fitness, food, and each day again. You were good March.

I hope you ALL are continuing to set goals for yourself. Sometimes, we just need a little motivation, right? Onto April!

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