Happy Easter Friends!

This weekend, man. I not only survived my first “host” holiday, but I did it while working & managed to do it with both sides of the family. Where is the award for THAT? Did ya’ll miss those “always, Saturday & Sunday” posts? ’cause I’m about to hit you with one!

  • Iowa Wild Games (I worked, they enjoyed the fights)
  • HeadsUp (girls vs. boys. We won)
  • Official House Tour – “we have a small apartment”
  • The puppies (aka, love of my life)
  • Easter Brunch (I didn’t eat the egg bake, hashtag anxiety)
  • Bundt cakes, candy, and getting rich in the easter egg hunt
  • laughter, both sides of the family, and lots of good food.
  • blessed, blessed, blessed. I miss them already.

The weekend ended in the only real tradition Dylan and I have. Four years ago, Dylan and I met in St. Louis Park to see a movie on Easter. We decided about thirty minutes later, after realizing we love food the most, on going to Mcdonald’s instead. We ended up in the St. Louis Park Mcdonald’s, as the only customers. The next year, still only dating, we met there again. A small date in between part time jobs and family celebrations, and still the only customers in the store. Last year, I drove down to the same Mcdonald’s and Skyped Dylan, while he ate the same meal at a Lincoln, NE one. This year, after Easter brunch, and our normal Sunday grocery shopping, we stopped at our little local McDonald’s to share a meal. Four years strong, making time for just each other for even a few minutes. This is our one true, important, “to ourselves” little tradition. What little traditions do you have with someone you love?

And then, three minutes ago, Dylan and I booked a trip for Dylan’s birthday. Not to Portland, Seattle, or even San Francisco. No, we booked a birthday vacation to Los Angeles. What is wrong with us? SUR here i come.

Hope ya’ll had a great Easter & a good weekend. (mom, please bring the dogs back to me immediately)

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