We survived a week without counting macros. We also are okay with taking pictures in the mirror again…? (1. Cue 2009 2. Yes, those are feet in that dressing room picture. He is my best friend…)

GOAL: Daily eat 1400 calories (once again, I know my BMR & my workout burn. While for my weight, this seems a little bit low, it fits into the combination to still nourish my body), drink 80 oz of water, and to still try to eat 80-100g of protein.

MONDAY: Total Calories Eaten 1396. For some reason, the first day that I don’t WANT to count macros, I seem to have hit ALL of my macros perfectly. I made Dylan dinner for the first time in over three months. For the first time in eight weeks, we ate the SAME meal and ate together. There were tears of happiness falling into my steak and baked potatoes. I wasn’t eating chicken breast and cheese. Happy Monday.

TUESDAY: Total Calories Eaten: 1460. I went to Mcdonald’s and got a chocolate chip cookie. I couldn’t eat every three hours because I’m full. I noticed it yesterday too. It’s like this is the amount of food my body WANTS to eat. When I was eating more, I was CONSTANTLY hungry. Weird.

WEDNESDAY: Total Calories Eaten: 1401. We were PRETTY on the go during the day on Wednesday, so I don’t actually think I ate until 2:30. I for the first time in nine weeks ate pasta. I ate pasta. I enjoyed pasta without crying over the amount of carbs in it.

THURSDAY: Total Calories Eaten: 1411. I ate pasta again today. It was beautiful. This week has been pretty good. My numbers on the scale have been changing a pound or so up and down each day, but hasn’t gone back to my Monday morning weigh-in at all. I’m looking forward to Saturday.

FRIDAY: Total Calories Eaten: 360… so far. Well, today was weird. I ate a couple cheese sticks and a fiber cookie en route to work this morning, ate popcorn around 1:00, and now it’s 8:00 and I’ve yet to eat again. Obviously I will eat everything in this house, because I need to eat 1100 more calories, but I’m just NOT HUNGRY today.

SATURDAY MORNING WEIGH IN: -2.2lbs!!!! (The scale doesn’t mean anything, but I just like to know I can make PROGRESS without worrying about my protein, fat, and carbs) #getFIT

Take away from this, macros changed my mindset. If you’ve never lost yourself in a diet, then this whole thing is hard to understand. I get that. I get that a lot of people do not struggle what so ever to worry about their food. Counting macros made me hate food, hate myself, constantly feel hungry, worry about WHAT I was eating, and generally gave me this sense of being extremely uncomfortable with everything. This week was different. First, I wasn’t hungry all the time. I ate breakfast and had no problem with not eating until 1-2pm. I just wasn’t. (side note: Farrell’s guidelines say to eat every three hours. I did this for seven weeks and was hungry constantly. I would get upset that I had to wait three hours to eat again. I understand the principle behind it, but it wasn’t doing good to my body) Second, I looked in the mirror everyday, and while the scale may not have reflected change- I felt it. It’s like that pregnancy glow thing going on, but not pregnant-just hefty. Lastly, I feel like I have MORE energy, MORE drive getting me through workouts, and MORE stamina to chase littles around all day. I’m eating the SAME food, not worrying though about them like a puzzle, and I FEEL successful. I have turned if it fits your macros into if it fits into Jen’s mouth. 

Onto Week NINE…

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