We’re working with simplicity here this month.

I spent two months panicking about macros. The last year was spent panicking about money. A constant fear since I was 18 about working or having a job. And, we’re nearing six years on the panic of school and my degree. So this month, for the first time in a solid six years, I’m going to take a month to breathe.

In March I want to enjoy. I am so lucky to spend some time with a bunch of littles, who’s lives have yet to be consumed by the real world. It’s amazing. My little 14 month old ball of happy laughs and screams when I look him in the face and go “boo boo bee boo bop blah blahhhh”. His joy is contagious and I leave there every single time elated because of how much he just enjoys life.  I want to boo boo bee bop my entire life.

I don’t want to hold Dylan to the standard of a date day. I don’t want to hold my body to the standard of macros. I don’t want to hold anyone accountable to ANYTHING. I just want to enjoy. 

We’re traveling to Chicago and hopefully home for Easter (surprise mom). I’m starting a job that I’m so elated for. I have a very solid group of people I’m interacting with each week. and I’m sixteen workouts away from sleeping until the sun comes up again. We don’t have a ton of events going on, so we still get each other on the weekends. I genuinely just want to ENJOY the days, weeks, and the month. Let’s make some memories.

I actually challenge you all to take a look at the amount of stress you’ve put on the first eight weeks of the year. Can you give yourself one month to try and enjoy the things around you? Let’s try to enjoy our March together. (side note, I know it’s still cold as balls in Minnesota BUT Des Moines is FINALLY going to be sixty for a solid week, so how can you NOT enjoy that?!) Happy March!

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