February, you were good.

Look at those goals guys. Let’s break it down.

I got my finances back up this month thanks to my taxes (Minnesota Return, please come to me), picking up some side babysitting jobs, and budgeting my life pretty perfectly (except for I bought 7.00 tortellini  yesterday). So ya girl’s bank account is looking pretty beautiful.

I’m going to spare you the macro talk, for today. We already understand that I’m taking a break from the counting, so we will wait for the #getFIT post this next week. Along with this, we can jump right into self love. This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and was like “hey girl”. So basically, on a good day I hit on myself like a creepy guy at a bar? I’m making progress on loving myself everyday, and not just on a “hey girl” basis, but aren’t we all struggling? We’re all hot! UGH.

Dylan and I had a few date nights. We went to comedy shows, out to dinner, tried a “real” martini for the first time, babysat a pop star, you know, normal things. We also went to the mall and I got to pick out WHATEVER I wanted in the whole mall, so.. spoiled. Our weekends haven’t been filled with things we “have” to do, so we get to spend time together and it’s been GREAT! Right now, we’re having a really romantic date where we lay in bed on a Sunday and don’t wash our hair and eat a lunchable. #blessed.

I think I got it together this month. February was pretty okay. Bring on MARCH.

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