I wrote this WHOLE blog, and then decided that it wasn’t good enough, because I wasn’t being inspirational, and we all know I’m a modern day Oprah… But the first blog post that I wrote was about “how Farrell’s has gone so far” and it is GOLD, so I left it below:

A couple weeks ago I got complimented on my squats by “super gym trainer man”, because naturally I’m the best student squatter in the class. (PLEASE someone ask Dylan about this, he loves that I get complimented by “super gym trainer man”.) Last week I was told that I sucked at some chest exercise by “super gym trainer man”, because naturally I’m the worst chest presser in the class. This week my ampersand shirt got complimented by the graphic designer in our group. He said it was “visually pleasing”. I think he meant I was. Dylan told him to shut up. Yesterday “super gym trainer man” told Dylan to kick the bag harder. Jen’s hormones and jealousy that said man was favoring Dylan, made her walk her ass right away from their testosterone fest and find a new partner. Let’s see… Some girl is basically in love with Dylan this week, so combining that with my current life state, may end her breathing prematurely. (bring it on, I will jab cross hook your ass) On Thursday I matched Dylan in resistance of our arm workouts, So I’m as strong as him now. FOR THE FIRST TIME I DID TEN PUSH UPS ON MY TOES. Dylan has decided that he wants to be the center of attention at all times (shocker). He likes to jumping-jack in circles, do the moon walk, pretend to swing the bar like a golf club, dance around, and NEVER ONCE USE AN INSIDE VOICE BECAUSE IF HE YELLS APPARENTLY EVERYONE LIKES TO LISTEN TO HIM MORE BUT IN REALITY I THINK PEOPLE JUST FEEL BAD FOR ME BECAUSE THIS IS MY ENTIRE LIFE. …aaaand Dylan ran a mile this week and that’s all I’ve heard about for four days (just kidding, proud of you, run far, you’re a star)…
Let’s talk REEEEAL quick. I made sure to NOT be “that girl” who posts four pictures in totally different colors and poses, because I wanted to get my point across. Top Left is exactly one year ago. We got engaged, we were in GREAT shape, life was good. Top Right was December, my “largest” in 2015. Bottom right was the third week of January, when I thought I was like super in the zone. Bottom left is today. The top right was my skinniest weight. The other three were the same weight on the scale. Wait, WHAT? Man, I’ve been down on myself lately. I’ve for real been super upset, and Dylan said my face is going SKINNIER then LAST YEAR AT MY SMALLEST. That scale man, I wish we never bought a new one. #getFIT girl.

We have four weeks left of this program, and I’m over macros. (Farrell’s and macros do NOT go hand in hand. This was MY choice) My heart is SO not in it anymore. I’m trying to write up my meal prep for next week and I’ve cried twice. I’ve decided that I’m going to follow it for week seven, and if there’s no changes being made then it’s out the window. I looked at my old MyFitnessPal entries from last year, BEFORE I moved and it’s insane. 2000 calories a day, 300 carbs, 100 fat, and like 50 protein. My body was happy, and I was in GOOD shape. Now I’ve BEEN eating 1800 calories, 170 carbs, 70 fat, and 150 protein with NO real big changes to my body. THEN this week it went down to 1500 calories, 119 carbs, 52 fats, and 158 protein. I wonder if my body is just a special snowflake who would rather eat ALL the carbs and NONE of the protein. I mean, I did lose 100 pounds eating Mcdonald’s everyday.

Onto week SEVEN…

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