America’s favorite couple has been engaged for one year! (And by America, I mean pretty much my mom… But I’m sure her favorite couple is whoever is with Donny Osmond so I think I lost out on that too…)

I thought you would just LOVE to hear about how our wedding plans are going so I’m going to outline them for you:

GUEST LIST: Bride & Groom.
DINNER: Whatever the Hotel Bar serves…
FIRST DANCE SONG: Yeah! by Usher
BRIDAL PARTY: -TBD- (I don’t have many friends)
GROOMSMEN: -TBD- (Dylan has too many friends)
DRESS: White…?
COLORS: Grey. I like grey.

It’s been a long and tough year of planning guys, but I’m super excited to have this all planned out already!!!! Just waiting for the big day!!!!! I can’t wait to start the rest of our lives together!!!

Okay, okay, all jokes aside, 2015 was a big year for the Fairbury clan. Soon (eventually) we will start planning this wedding. Planning being the optimal word, because we’re both still too poor to pay for it. So maybe #TheSalisburys2016 (my “original” wedding hashtag) will become #TheSalisburys2017, but at least I still get to spend everyday with my best friend. I also still get to wear the diamond. Also, wedding planning is stressful, especially when everyone you know is three hours away either north or southwest. Stay tuned…



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