I didn’t get on the guest blog train in January. Let’s be honest, I couldn’t get on the Jen needs to blog train… But we made it here, and my first guest blogger is a super young, super talented girl who’s got her life together (way more than I ever could have at her age)

Hello alwaysampersand readers, I’m Gabi Talisman. I’m an almost 19 year old friend of Jen’s from our original boy band days (BTR forever), and I’m a blogger too – in a little bit of a different way.¬†

I live in New York right now, pursuing my undergrad at a business school called Baruch College (Go Bearcats!). My undergrad will be in something, but I’m really not sure what yet, probably because what I want to do is work in music. I’m entirely tone deaf, so no you won’t see me on a national tour any time soon, at least not on stage. ūüôā

Right now I’m writing this from Spanish Harlem, just a few blocks above the Gossip Girl framed Upper East Side, where I live and eat and tweet from, when I’m not at school. I also co-own Beyond The Stage from here.

Beyond The Stage Magazone is a music magazine that isn’t focused on a particular genre, demographyic or sub-set of any kind: we find music our staff likes, we talk to those who¬†make it, either on stage or off, and then we put it out for people to read. We have a daily¬†website (beyondthestagemagazine.com) and all of our past issues can be found:¬†issuu.com/btspress. I work with two supremely talented individuals who co-own the¬†magazine with me,¬†Addie Whelan (@addieleewhelan), our designer extraordinaire, and¬†Allison Lanza (@allisonlanza) our editor in chief. I couldn‚Äôt do it without them, or our¬†crazy talented staff who take dope pictures write incredibly well (most of us are still in¬†school [my staff is so good it‚Äôs crazy]), and help us month after month keep taking care of¬†this child we¬†all¬†had¬†together¬†(that¬†sounds¬†weird).

A little more about me I guess. I started taking pictures when I was about 13 because one month I found out I could go see the bands I was playing on my iPod Nano IN PERSON and it cost my dad like 90? dollars for me to go see four or five bands. He said the concerts had to stop, and joked that “maybe I could get in to some for free if I took pictures”. I took that as a challenge instead of a joke, and eventually did start getting in to shows for free (taking really terrible photos mind you).

Slowly the camera got better, my people skills got better, I actually learned a coupld of things about photography, I made a bunch of contacts and I started a new defunct blog. It ran for a few years, and I am still really proud of the little blog that could, we got some pretty good traffic, and I learned a lot! Eventually it was time for me to move on, and I noticed that an Allstar Weekend fan I found on Twitter who I had become pretty good friends with had started a blog. She was doing okay, but didn’t have the person behind the scenes, getting the content together, and that’s what I became. A little while after I joined Beyond The Stage Press I texted her late one night, asking if we could turn BTS into a magazine. I think she thought I was crazy, but said what the hell, and in November of 2014, we put out our first issue. It’s insance to think where we’ve gone since then, and I’m really proud of us.

I really don’t have too much more to say about the mag or myself I guess. If Jen will have me back maybe next month I’ll talk to you guys a little bit about living in New York City – it’s a blast and a half.

Until then, Always & Forever,

Gabi T

PS: A few of my photos are below!
Check em out, and I’m always posting new stuff on
@gabitalisman on Instagram (hint hint, nudge nudge)

(My plan IS actually to have Gabi back next month. I have some other guest blogger, travel bugs in the works, so I see some more Gabi Talisman in alwaysampersand’s future!)¬†


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