Happy end of week four!

Disclaimer: My endorphins are THROUGH THE ROOF right now.

Side note though, I just feel so accomplished on days like today. Taxes got filed, school loan got sorted, I got 2/3 of my big project done, the laundry is done, the dishes are put away, and I straightened up the house, ALL after working. Don’t you LOVE days like this?

So this week began as kind of what I would consider “muddy”. I weighed myself on Monday I think, and had NO pound change from the last week. Took progress pics and felt stalled. Ate the same macros for a couple weeks and thought I was broken. I felt like I was trudging through the mud each day because I was so down on myself. (What the heck is the deal with my relationship with that scale?) Along with this, Dylan and I have some type of cold/cough/phlegm-y business that has made working out extra tough…

Even though I didn’t feel well, and I missed one workout (kickboxing on Wednesday, BLEH) I made sure to eat according to my macros. This was SUPER tough, because for three days I couldn’t taste my food and could barely swallow. I just wanted to eat fatty cold foods. Pretty much, I ONLY wanted ice cream. But, lucky me, because I have been PUMPING my body with protein. I’m eating about 150 grams a day. Two protein shakes, more low fat mozzarella cheese than I want to admit, and chicken breast EVERY SINGLE DINNER. I currently want to take all of the chicken breast in the world and throw it out the window. This next week though, I’m on the hunt for some protein alternatives. I will make some protein bars, of protein milk, or something else fit into my macros… (I want to throw up right now thinking about chicken…)

Well, tonight was the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for. First, I had my best workout ever. Kickboxing and I were in tune, (for once). I’m pretty disgusting looking during class. I thought I had coordination, but I’ve fooled myself for my entire life… Tonight I just KICKED BUTT. Which is an awesome feeling after feeling kinda low! At about 6:00pm I jumped my booty on the scale, right before walking out the door to workout. DOWN SEVEN POUNDS THIS WEEK. Are you kidding me? In the evening, with clothes on, after I’ve eaten. For the past four weeks I’ve been RELENTLESS with my macros, working out, and GAINING weight. It was all this mind game, I knew I was slimming down, I knew I was gaining real muscles, but I just couldn’t get past that number. Goodbye to that number though, for real.

Finally. Finally. Finally. This weekend Dylan and I are splurging, my metabolism needs a jump start, and I’m dying for Taco Bell. Can’t wait to do our 5 week evaluations next Friday, except I refuse to run the mile we’re “required” to test on. (Well, if this wasn’t the most back and fourth and out of control blog post ever… Have an awesome weekend!)


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