I am the world’s biggest hypochondriac.

I know for a fact that basically ALL of my readers are high school friends, my family, and my former coworkers so this is not news to any of you. In fact, once I was involved in a conversation about how you can’t get massages on your feet or else you may not get pregnant or something along those lines… It got so misconstrued that I convinced everyone walking was like a foot massage and I spent my shift crawling across the floor. How did I not get fired? How did I literally do this crap for seven years and not get fired? Anyways, let’s just say that if something could be diagnosed, I self-diagnosed it. I also went through a period where I gave myself anxiety to make my heart beat faster and then tried to convince my mom that I was having heart failure or heart disease.

I’m going off topic. Basically, if something happens to someone, I feel like it could happen to me. The other day, I saw this article shared on Facebook. It outlines what every blogger does. Posts a blog, looks for an image to supplement our blog ON GOOGLE, and then posts it without a second thought. (I have done it to almost ALL of my blogs) This poor woman was contacted by a LAWYER who was SUING her for the image she used. She didn’t pay for it, and it wasn’t hers. She was charged with over SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS that she had to pay. Wow. Seriously, read this story: The $7,500 Blogging Mistake That Every Blogger Needs to Avoid!

So, why am I posting about this? First, I have bloggers that follow my blog & bloggers that do this JUST LIKE ME. I kinda want to throw out a warning, because that’s terrifying. Second, I just want to point out that I deleted pictures on about 15 blogs tonight. The only ones that I kept internet images on where the shopping ones, because it links directly to their products. Third, you will notice from here on out that I’ve used getty embeded images for my blog. These are stock photos that are FREE and ALLOWED to post on your blogs. You can access them all here.

Seriously, this is terrifying. I’m going BACK through my blog as i write this and delete ALL of my photos that aren’t embedded and legal to share. This is important, and I never even thought that “I would take someone’s pictures”, I’m not trying to get a run around on all of this business. I just wanted to enhance my blog with visuals! Everyone, go check your websites immediately. Better safe than sorry.

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