It’s a new month, so we have to give ourselves some new goals! Yesterday, I recapped my January goals, with mostly successes, and we’re onto the next. Take a look at my February goals and think about setting a few for yourself!

  1. I need to figure out my finances. My bank account is a cluster-bleep right now, and it’s not even funny. I will be posting a blog tomorrow for you all to laugh at my life, because I’m a reality television train wreck waiting to happen.
  2. My plan is to continue my macro journey this month, which I have been working pretty hard at in January. We plan our food for the entire week out, I get a nice little cheat day once a week, but I am not losing or toning at the rate I want. So my goal is to really tune into my body, make adjustments weekly if needed, and continue on track!
  3. We already know that the scale hasn’t been my friend, but in result, I haven’t been a very good friend to myself. I just need to constantly instill that everyday is a journey, and I probably will not lose ALL the weight by March like I initially planned. (Maybe we can make a long term goal, like sun dress season!)
  4. I want date nights. We are so comfortable in our everyday lives that we get to the weekend and we lay in bed for 48 hours. I want to get up, get dressed, and go out with Dylan. Maybe once every couple of weeks, but it just needs to happen more often!
  5. Getting it together is just necessary. I’m a hot mess on the daily. How did I used to work 60+ hours a week? No wonder I’m a chunky lazy butt now, I get upset when I don’t get four day weekends! Figure your life out Jen.

At this time last year, I was getting ready to accept a FOURTH job & bothering Dylan on a daily basis to give me a ring. Oh, how the times have changed! Let’s get February off to a GREAT start! Make month two as good or BETTER than month ONE!


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