Here were my goals for the “year”, but ones that I wanted to measure at the first month!

  1. Return to a “Happy Body” mentality. 
  2. Finish Growing Up. 
  3. Cherish Dylan and Choose him daily. 
  4. Positive Vibes, Positive Mind. 
  5. Write it down. 

Here’s how it went:

  1. Well, I talked about joining a gym, giving up on Milk Duds, and going back to where I was. I didn’t join a normal gym, since we joined Farrell’s, but other than that I’m SPOT ON. It’s been REALLY exciting to see my body changing for the better, and it keeps me SUPER motivated.
  2. I can’t grow up in one month, but I did restructure some work this month and have solidified an internship that will be lasting until August then I will graduate! So far, so good…
  3. Dylan is a stinker, all the time. The fact that we get some extra time together each day has really changed our relationship though. It’s like the new year gave us a little pep in our step & it’s like we’re dating again. (I think it’s all the endorphins)
  4. Also on the line of endorphins, I feel generally “happier” this month. Is it the new year? The workouts? The relationship? Who knows! All I know is that I don’t have the normal mid-winter blues, so I’m hanging on for dear life to this happy.
  5. I have a notebook that I carry with me 24/7. I have a planner and a giant wall calendar. I have a to-do list every single day. I leave my nanny mom an extensive report on our day. I’m type A.

Although I did really well with all my goals, January was also kind of a tough month for my heart. I have been very lucky while growing up in terms of deaths in the family. I lost one Grandparent at 6 years old, and then my “Grandma” at 18. I never really had to process loss. This month I lost my Grandma, and it was harder than I could have imagined. Living far away from your family is hard. Knowing that you have to schedule travel to see them is not an easy thing. When I found out Grandma was really sick, I had planned time to go see her. When I learned that I wouldn’t make it in time, I was devastated. My Grandma was the “Grandma-y Grandma”. The kind that had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the house because you were coming. The kind that always let you choose what to watch on TV because you were the grandchild that lived far away. She always made lasagna when I came, no matter the season/reason. Do I wish that I got more time with her? Daily. Do I regret that my last goodbye was in JULY and that I didn’t make it to family Christmas? sure. But she’s here, even when she’s not here. She was a fantastic Grandmother & she blessed us all.

Here’s to February, Here’s to 2016.

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