It’s nearing the end of week three at Farrell’s and I have yet to lose a pound. Let’s start off here: Dylan bought a scale. I can not blame him, weight is how he feels he needs to track his progress. While I’ve gotten insanely good at self control in terms of food, I look at that scale every single day and ALL I want is to step on it.

…and then I do. Now listen, I’ve never gone through a break up. Once Dylan told me that he didn’t want to date me, but this was before we started dating, and I changed his mind in 16 hours flat. (skills…) So, I don’t know that feeling. I do believe though, that the feelings I get when I walk past the scale are the same feelings that people get when they spot their ex in public. Hate, rage, nausea, fear, and sadness. I hate that damn scale, because it DRAWS me in and then I get on it. I UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE GO BACK TO THEIR EXES. It’s so hard. (It’s so inappropriate that I’m comparing the scale to a human, but it’s all I’ve got) It’s not fair to ask Dylan to bring the scale to work, mainly because I don’t want him stripping down to his skivvies and having some sales woman walk in & get swept off her feet. Dylan is NOT leaving me while trying to check his weight… So, better luck next week at not acknowledging that thing.

As for the fact that I’ve lost zero pounds, I’m okay. I mean, it’s a pretty ugly number. It’s hideous! But, it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. There is a ONE month span between the pictures up top. I think the most amazing feeling is seeing a change in yourself, when you don’t see it day to day. So let’s all say it together “The scale is an evil piece of work, and we hate it.” Now, throw it off your deck and take pictures. But for real, I feel like I did when I used to work out everyday. (Mainly in terms of the fact that my life is going off the deep end currently, but I’m just in a great mood. Anyone want to pay my rent, since FedLoan says no…? Is a GoFundMe allowed in this situation? Academic Probation is approaching….)

This is also a result of following IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros. I’m telling you, once again, it takes a lot of discipline to weigh out all of your food, and that may give you the feelings that you need to give up before you start. I promise you though, I still eat whatever I want, I just FIT it into my diet. All of my food gets cooked on Sunday, I know what I’m eating for the entire week. I fit in eating out. I fit in crappy food. I fit in pop. Key word here, FIT. If the food can fit into my day, it can fit into my mouth. I could literally talk about this all day long. It’s a love affair.
If you’re looking for more information:
Women’s Macros Group // Basic Macros Group Both of these pages are on Facebook & provide you with TONS of recipes, links, and articles to HELP you.

I’m on my way out the door to Kickboxing, which I tried to skip out on, but Stephanie wasn’t having it.


Leg Day Killed Me, Week three (almost) COMPLETE. Onto week FOUR!
How are you guys doing on your Fitness Goals for the year? 



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