New Year – New You?
New Year – Same You?
New Year – Get your fitness goals outta here?

Whatever the case, there’s a 90% you made getting in shape your New Years Resolution. You’re now two and a half weeks into 2016, so how are you doing?

Jen’s #getFIT:

        If you recall, I made a point in mentioning that I’m anti-resolutions, because it basically sets yourself up for failure. Instead, I created this whole “happy body, happy life” goal. Last year was rough for me in terms of fitness & looks. I vowed to myself to get back to the body I was in a year ago, that I seriously took advantage of. (Like, I was for real in shape. How did I dislike how I looked? Give it back!) Of course I don’t work at the Y anymore, so the process of finding a gym wasn’t easy. I didn’t realize that I was getting a $50 membership for FREE. Finding a gym was even harder when Dylan was beginning to endorse Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping. I wanted to join with him, SO MUCH, but the price tag wasn’t allowing it. After touring multiple gyms, and realizing Dylan was going to get back into shape, I just felt defeated. I was extremely blessed that the sales department pushed Dylan & I into a “Sweating for the wedding” type of deal, so Farrell’s became a reality.
Dylan and I just finished week one. We actually survived, but barely. First, we’re going at 6:15am. We leave class and it’s still dark out. We get up before 6:00am. We enter the gym as a couple of zombies. It’s rough. Second, we’re instructed on eating 6 meals a day. It’s VERY hard to remember to eat six small meals, when your body wants to eat three large meals. Half of Dylan and my text thread last week was focused on complaining about being hungry. Our bodies are just beginning to change. Yes, it’s only been a week. Yes, I weighed myself at the gym on day five and gained three pounds, leaving me to pretty much cry through a workout. Yes, we have complained about how we’re not down the 25-30 pounds we’ve gained. BUT we have started to see changes, which is all we get. There’s no scale to obsess over thirteen times a day at home, and there’s no need for it. Since we spend so much time looking at each other, we can point out the places where we’re noticing changes in each other! It’s great. Hopefully, a little later this week, I will share with you some of my fitness FAVORITES (clothing, water bottles, proteins & food, shoes, workouts, etc…) to help get you on track for 2016!

One Week Down, Nine To Go!

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