Happy 2016! 

I have spent the last two hours having a mental breakdown about this site, the structure, the theme, the posts, and how to really make this blog something worth while. If you’re reading this, you see that this doesn’t look quite like the always, ampersand that I started with. I thought I wanted a “new year, new blog look” and now I’m not so sure. Please, someone comment on this blog, my Facebook post, or seriously just text me & let me know what you think. Save me. 

Aside from that, I am super excited about where this blog is going this year. First, I’m not going to try and become this super posh fashion/food/fitness blog. That wasn’t who I was. I’m loud, sarcastic, not always healthy, and most of the time I’m wearing not pants when I post….

Here’s where we’re going this year:

  1. Dear You. These will be anonymous letters to those in my past and present. A whole bunch of sarcasm in letter form to people that I maybe love, maybe hate, and maybe think they need to read.
  2. Goal Digger. (Get it? Like gold digger, Kanye circa 2008?) Each month I want to lay out some goals for my month, goals for the rest of the year, or maybe even goals for a week. Some goals will be goofy, some will be deep. I feel like this is a platform to get shit done, because if people read this, I kinda have to do it. We will also end our month with a goal digger recap, aka “Did Jen do anything with her life this month?”
  3. Eat This, Make This, or Do This. Couldn’t just throw Pinterest out the window forever. It’s my life. Less structure than “Pinterest Thursdays”, but sometimes a girl makes a meal, a DIY project, or gets dressed in an outfit that she wants to share with the world.
  4. Check them out. GUEST BLOGGERS! Seriously excited to work with some new people, let them promote their lives, and show you all a different type of blog on always, ampersand.
  5. Who, What, Where. I spend a lot of my day on gossip websites. I love celebrities, I love celebrity gossip, I love knowing who the Kardashians are feuding with and who Nick Jonas is dating. This is a hobby, and I need a platform to throw my opinions at. I know this loses some interest, but guys, I feel like celebrity gossip is my calling…

I’m excited to blog without a schedule, excited to blog on what I like, and actually the most excited to stop putting always, at the beginning of every single post. I think that got a little played out. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the new Always, &.

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