Hey, What’s Up, Hello. 

GUYS! My 12 blogs of Christmas starts on Sunday! I’m so excited to share twelve days of the most random things that pop into my head with you.

Really that was the whole purpose of this post….

Other than that, I’m going on a date this weekend. Actually TWO DATES. I haven’t gone on a real life date in about 9 months. We’re about that Netflix and chill night, where we actually watch Netflix and end up falling asleep on the couch…
Saturday we are going skating at the plaza downtown in the city, then out to dinner. An actual date night.
Sunday night we’re going to the Iowa Wild Game! A second actual date night.

Tonight, my neighbors got into a huge fight. Instead of being respectful and turning up my television, i turn it off. I then opened the blinds in case they ran outside. Then I laid on the floor and listened. Why would I keep the TV on if I can have free entertainment? I’m awful, but I hope that girl ate something and that guy finally shut the door and didn’t actually leave…

I live the most exciting life ever. See you all Sunday for the “First blog of Christmas!”

Side Note: I need about three more blog ideas to fill the last couple of days with! If anyone has some great ideas (they don’t have to be Christmas related, send me a message!)

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