Happy December friends!

Oh my goodness, we have less than 8% left of 2015. Thankfully, my 8% is going to be the perfect ending to what would be considered as the most incredible year of my life in terms of change and growth.

Here’s my little update on the &. 

Upcoming December Blogs to always, ampersand:
1. 12 Blogs of Christmas.
I’m sure this is a “thing” somewhere out in the Blogiverse, but as I laid in bed from 10:30 when I woke up until 4:30 today, I decided I needed to come up with SOMETHING Christmas related, so this was born. Basically, I’ll be posting a blog from December 13 until December 25. (You’re welcome my sweet Hannah, I know you’re lost without these.)
2. How’s Iowa? What’s Iowa? What are you even doing with your life? Basically, how am I surviving thus far & what the first three weeks of Iowa (uh, THREE WEEKS ALREADY?) have been like…
3. Some type of “reflection” on this year. I think this is really necessary, because this year has been QUITE the year.

More posts to come! Happy Friday, Happy December! Happy Happy!

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