We made it. I’d like to call this “Chapter Three: Iowa”.
Chapter One: Minnesota “the beginning” took around 23.5 years.
Chapter Two: Nebraska, was a short 7 months.
Here we are, on the third chapter in not only my life, but our adventure.

Instead of an always, Saturday & Sunday, I thought I’d just post a GIANT life update this weekend.

Friday “The End of Chapter 2”: we packed the entire vehicle Friday morning alone. I was convinced that I was dying, I ripped the couch, and I couldn’t feel my forearms for six hours. Friday night we slept cold on the living room floor, next to a TV, and about ten things that needed to ride with in the car.

Saturday: We got up with the sun, packed the rest of our things, & took an embarrassing selfie as I cried my way out of the house:¬†Who knew I would get SO emotional about an apartment, but it was our first home. Thankfully dad & Jason came to help, leaving me as the “sole supervisor.” Rewarded for their long unnecessary drive, Dylan treated them to I’m sure what my dad is considering “the best pizza ever”. It was a long, dramatic, and testy day, but we survived. LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT WE WILL BE HIRING MOVERS ON OUR NEXT MOVE. We also are NOT moving in 7.5 months. Nope, nope, nope.

Sunday: The last Jen & Dylan day before the beginning of a new adventure. I understand that Dylan will have weekends off, and that our small snippet of each day together will be much more than just mindlessly sitting next to each other on our phones, but this was our last “hurrah”. Groceries were bought, panic ensued as the day ended, and laughter was the last thing that rang out in the apartment before sleep (Only because I’m sure I did or said something ridiculous).

Today is Monday and I’m lonely. My life is a joke as I couldn’t make soup without calling my mother. I also got trapped outside of the apartment in the rain because the power was out. The positives was that I was not the only one in one of my classes failing, and the teacher restructured the remainder of the semester. Holler for a dollar.

Looking forward to about 9:30 tonight when Dylan’s home and I have my friend again. Looking forward to Chelsie coming to Des Moines on Thursday (let’s point out, this girl is the FIRST friend in the car to come see us, wherever we move. Atta way girl). Looking forward to Vegas being just a month from Thursday. Looking forward to starting work in a couple weeks so I’m not as lonely anymore. Life’s not that bad, I’m just dramatic.

Have a good week!

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